Friday, March 23, 2007

Writing Challenges

Sandra Smith says, "Some of you might find this of interest.

"Look on bottom right and click on writing challenges.

"They're presenting a writing course under the title of book in a year.

"I just saw it, so not sure exactly how it works, but apparently they're doing a section a month, starting with plot. The second one is characterization, and the current one is conflict.

"They also have articles on writing a synopsis, publishing glossary, what proofreader's marks mean, etc.

"Although Harlequin publishes romances, most of this information applies to all genres.

"I am not associated with this site in any way, and will not receive benefit in any form if you should happen to visit it. I'm simply passing along information to those who might be interested in writing/publishing tips."

Sandra writes under the name of Cassandra Barnes, and her latest novel is Jenny's Legacy.

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