Thursday, April 26, 2007

How I Found the IWW: Or, "Why the Group Appreciates Google"

  • Found you through google, what else, huh?
  • I found you guys when by searching the internet for writing groups.
  • I located the site through use of Google internet search engine.
  • I found you guys searching on Google. And I am really glad I found you. Living on a South American country, with a South American income, does not add much for studying abroad --whether in campus or online!
  • I heard about this site some years ago when I saw Cecilia Dart-Thornton interviewed at the time of publication of her book. She talked about the advantage of belonging to an internet writing workshop site. I don't know if this was the one, but it was what I found when I looked on the net.
  • I found you by googling.
  • I found you guys through
  • I heard about IWW from Suzanne Carlson who's actively participated for a long time.
  • I originally became aware of the IWW through a link posted by a writer on Miss Snark's blog site, and I have been participating on IWW's YAwrite list for a couple of months. I am looking forward to taking part in this practice group. I know it will help me re-establish discipline with my writing.
  • I did a google search for Novels-L to find you, because that's the group I used to be in.
  • I learned of this workshop on the back cover flap of Baby Catcher: Chronicles of a Modern Midwife by Peggy Vincent.
  • I found out about your workshops through a Google search--Google knows all!
  • Found you through The Writer Magazine, to which I have subscribed for approximately 18 months.
  • My Composition and Literature Eng 102 teacher Amanda Skjeveland told me how I could join this workshop and get good critiques on my poetry and that I could get better.
  • I found this site while searching in yahoo for hints on how to form a writers group. I am in the process of starting a writers circle in my community.


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