Wednesday, April 11, 2007

How I Found the IWW

  • "A friend recommended I join a writing group but living in Germany the opportunities for finding an English-speaking group are limited. I looked through a number of on-line sites and the Internet Writing Workshop seemed to best match-up (writing practice, feedback, and a variety of genres.)"
  • "I found your group by typing, Writing Groups" and filtering though the ones that came back. After review of several of the hits, your site seemed the most deliberate."
  • "I heard about the Internet Writing Workshop from Max Barry, at a first novel workshop at Changing Hands bookstore in Tempe, Arizona."
  • "A member of IWW joined a group I am in and mentioned this."
  • "I found you by tying in writing groups."
  • "I found about you while I was browsing the internet looking for writing infos and how to widen my literary ideas."
  • "I simply did Google searches for Online writers groups. I was looking for a group that was well established, offered listserv via email, exudes professionalism, would serve to grow my writing abilities, and provide a community of writing accountability. After filtering through several Google hits, I found IWW."
  • "I found you through the awesome"
  • "Kathy Highcove, a current member, helped me to find your workshop."
  • "I encountered information about the Workshop in the acknowledgements of Jennifer Chiaverini's first book The Quilter's Apprentice."
  • "An acquaintance and fellow writer told me about the Internet Writing Workshop."
  • "I was encouraged to participate in your online workshop by my friend, Susie Carlson."
  • "Margot Finkle's website."
  • "I have found this site when I was seeking for mailing lists to join at lsoft site."
  • "I found this website from Freelance Success."
  • "Through a friend."
  • "Found you by Google search."
  • "I meet with a local writers group but wanted more feedback on my writing, and I did a Google search to find your website."

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