Friday, May 11, 2007

How I Found the IWW: Or, "Google Love Note #2"

  • I found your site by using
  • I have recently started looking into doing some writing as I am shortly due to retire and I did a google search, I think it was on freelance writing, although I did a couple of searches and then surfed from a linked site.
  • I heard about this website through a friend who has been a member for a few months.
  • I discovered the site by surfing the net, and it seemed to offer just what I was looking for.
  • I'm trying to think back on how I found out about IWW. I think I was just browsing the internet. If I remember correctly, I found a site run by Patricia Johnson, and in her bio it mentioned something about IWW and I googled from there. Some of the details are fuzzy -- that's the best I can do!
  • I found you guys through Max Barry's website. He said it was invaluable writing help, and I look forward to being a part of it.
  • I found out about you guys from a friend.
  • I found you through a Google search for online critique groups.
  • I was searching on Google for writing critique groups since my grandmother, a book reviewer and children's writer, suggested that I should join one.
  • I have been looking into writer's workshops and found this link.
  • I found you through Google.
  • Suzanne Carlson, who's actively participated for a long time, told me about IWW and this list.
  • I found you online through a search.
  • I found you through Barbara Abercrombie’s site, which I found this morning from a referral at a So Cal writer’s group meeting.

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