Wednesday, August 8, 2007

How I Found the IWW

  • I came across IWW while visiting the blog site Murder She Writes thanks to a post from author Natalie R. Collins.
  • I found your organization on "Other Kidwriting Resources."
  • I heard about the workshop through Wendee Holtcamp while taking her Nature Writing Course. She recommends it for all her students who are serious about writing.
  • I found out about the workshop randomly while reading news stories on the web. I found the blog first and then the actual workshop site.
  • I found the information about this group on
  • was exploring Writers Village University (Bob Hembree) and found Carter Jefferson who in turn, linked here.
  • I learned about IWW at the web site of Bob Sanchez. (
  • I was a member several years ago.
  • Natalie R. Collins mentioned this site in her blog on Murder She Writes.
  • I heard about this one from a member on another writing oriented mailing list.
  • I discovered this critique group through the Writer's Digest online.

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