Saturday, August 4, 2007

A New Blog Feed - Ploughshares

Note in the right-side column where we list links and other good information, we're now following the feed from another blog from the literary world " ... ramblings, gossip, and disinformation about the literary world from the staff readers and editors of Ploughshares."

Ploughshares is a heavy-hitter in the literary world, but ...

"We welcome unsolicited submissions. We consider primarily poems and short stories, although we do very occasionally publish personal essays/memoirs. Novel excerpts are acceptable if self-contained. Unsolicited book reviews and criticism are not considered.

"We avoid genre (science fiction, detective, gothic, adventure, etc.), popular formula or commercial fiction whose purpose is solely to entertain, rather than to illuminate. We want world-class poetry and prose, the best that contemporary literature has to offer."

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