Thursday, September 6, 2007

Remember Rich?

Remember Rich Maffeo?
Many Internet Writing Workshop members will, especially the nonfiction crew. Rich was a faithful member for years.

I was cleaning out my email folders the other day and came across an old note from him. On a whim, I emailed, asking how he was.

Rich and his wife Nancy are alive and well and busy.

Rich wrote, "It's been quite some time since I've been there (IWW) mostly because I've been so busy with too many things. Since becoming a Catholic, I've never been busier in a church, teaching Sunday School, and adult Bible study, and now forming a prayer group. And I also took on two part time jobs, which kind of equal a full time position. Yikes."

Rich published his book, We Believe: Forty Meditations on the Nicene Creed
and is writing a new book. I listened to a radio interview
in which Rich shared the story of his conversion from Judiasm to Protestantism, and eventually to Catholicism. His story is fascinating and one that involves his wife of 33 years, Nancy.

He said, "I am still writing, but working on books instead of articles. My first is doing, well, uh, okay. I've sold about as many as I've given away to churches and bookstores, trying to promote the silly thing. I received an invoice from my publisher a week ago stating that I also sold 25 books through Amazon . . . which was nice."

Rich and Nancy are still in Washington state, but their house is up for sale and they plan to move to Alabama to be closer to their daughter who lives in Georgia.

I told him we miss him on the Internet Writing Workshop and asked if he plans to come back. He said, "Yes, I will come back to IWW, maybe sooner than later."

We hope so, Rich.

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