Wednesday, October 10, 2007

How I Found the IWW

  • I learned of your group through Writer's Digest.
  • As I browsed through the internet, I found the site, and I am very interested in joining. I believe that through this group I can learn more about writing.
  • I found out about this list from a lot of people on the other mailing list I'm on - the "Writing in India" mailing list.
  • I typed in "Online Writing Groups" in Google and your site was one of the first ones to come up.
  • A friend recommended this mailing list (she's a current member).
  • I found your website through the website.
  • I found you via a posting by a fellow writer on another writing list.
  • I found you from an acknowledgment made by Robert Tacoma in one of his
  • books.
  • Diane Faulkner recommended me to this site, so if I'm accepted and I enhance the group in any way, then you can thank her. If I don't enhance it, don't blame her.
  • I found you surfing the internet for on-line critique groups and stopped when I found Terry Burns name.
  • I was browsing on the web. At a site that I found in one of my school books from Long ridge writers group. "Searching" A Research Guide for Writers.
  • I was recommended to this site by a friend.
  • I remember the workshop from years ago. I think I originally found you through a Yahoo search.
  • You did not ask, but my interest in joining your group stems from a desire to become a published author and to help others realize their writing dreams. A friend who belongs told me about the web-site. She currently has two books under contract and credits her experience in this work-shop for her success.

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