Friday, June 20, 2008

I found you guys through Writer's Digest 101 Best Websites.

  • I found you guys through Writer's Digest 101 Best Websites.
  • I did an Open University Creative Writing course, and I got a lot out of it - especially the writing group and critique side of things. But I've let things slide since then. So I came across your group and thought that I could contribute.
  • I learned about you through the Internet Review of Books.
  • I recently joined a YahooGroup IAG (Independent Authors Guild) and a post had a link to you.
  • I was referred by a most precious friend.
  • I have reviewed your website and am very interested in joining your group.
  • I found this website by doing a search for online writing critque websites.
  • I found the IWW site while poking around on the internet in search of just such a place.
  • I found you by following a few links off of other links, but I do not know the direct connection.
  • A search engine led me to your site.
  • I found you through a general search.
  • This list was recommended by a friend.
  • Internet search.
  • There I was skipping around the Internet, looking for information on investigative poetry as a flash fiction technique, clicking one link after another, bouncing into cyber stars and I tripped over a group called the IWW.
  • I found your site from a website called Children's Writing Resources.
  • I found this list via WWW search.
  • I was introduced to your site by a member of my local writer's group who makes a living as a freelancer with local and state publications.
  • I cannot remember exactly how I found your website but I believe I Googled "young adult writing workshops" and your site was listed on the first page.
  • In answer to your query, I recently read on Max Barry's (the Australian writer) website how your workshop had really helped him.
  • I completed on On-line writing course with Wendee Holtcamp in May. She recommended that class members join IWW nfiction.
  • I read about how valuable the writer Max Barry found your site and am therefore interested in getting involved.
  • I stumbled upon the Internet Writing Workshop blog when googling for a website on literary agents, I don't remember exactly what I typed in since I bookmarked it months ago.
  • I found this website in the Writer's Digest list of 101 Websites.

  • Send nominations to include The Internet Writing Workshop for next year’s list to Writer's Digest with “101 Best Websites” as the subject (deadline is January 1, 2009).

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