Monday, July 28, 2008

Members in print or published~

Summer doldrums? Not for these three writers! Congratulations.

Wayne Scheer

Writing has been going slow for me lately, but I have a few successes to report.

My story "Family Man" is up at Darkest before the Storm.

My fifty-five-worder, "Lentil Soup," is up at Bird and Moon.

Finally, my flash story, "Behind Enemy Lines," has been accepted at Flash Me Magazine in their Lightning Flash Fiction Contest. Only subscribers can see it and vote for it, but there's a big ten dollars it for me if I win.

I told you things were going slow for me.

Joanna M. Weston

A poem, "Stories in Line," is up at Here and Now. Scroll down to just below the photo of HP
Drugstore. Don't we all do this when we wait in line-ups?

And a story, "The Train," is up at Every Day Fiction, right on the front page too! This is one
good weekend.

Sue Ellis

My poems are up at Dead Mule. What a thrill for this old cornball rhymer. And I know of whence I speak-I'm nearly sixty.

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