Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Finding the IWW

  • I found your writing group through
  • I found out about you through
  • I learned about IWW viat the "Poets and Writers Speakeasy."
  • I found you :
  • You were found in a nondescript yahoo search.
  • I have a creative/writing blog listed below and I believe I originally found you through Blogger while looking for fellow writers on the Blogger network.
  • I have been looking for an online writing group for some time now, but unsuccessfully until this last week's Willamette Writer's conference in Portland. I found you by checking out one of their forums on online writing groups; it was very outdated BUT someone had posted your link there. I'm cautiously optimistic!
  • I found your site at, which I found using StumbleUpon.
  • After finally getting one to a point where I thought it was publishable, I searched Google for children's writers critique groups and found your site.
  • He originally heard about IWW on an old Pony Express flyer he found many years ago, but has a link to IWW on his blog, so it was easier this time to find the site and sign up.
  • I don't quite remember how I found IWW. It must have been from my many google searches, hunting for exactly this. So I really am happy to have found you.
  • I found this group looking for a place that i could submit my work and get feed back so as to imporve a skill that I think I can be quite well at with some effort and help.
  • I found the list via Google.
  • This list was highly recommended to me by a writer-friend.
  • I found you on the suggestion by Mary C. Nelson of Sharon, MA, who is a member of one my local writing groups. Mary is also a member of IWW.
  • As to how I found you, I really don't recall as I've had you in my 'favourites' list for some time, although it was probably from a Google search.
  • On the WD list of 101 websites for writers.
  • I found you by Googling writing workshop.
  • I found the IWW the old-fashioned way, through google.
  • I found your site from the Writer's Digest 101 Best sites.
  • maxbarry's website.
  • I found your site while searching the internet for a YA writing group.

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