Thursday, August 28, 2008

How Are You Reading This?

Via a computer, of course? Or, well, maybe if you're really trendy, you're using a Blackberry or an iPhone, but the point is that we in the Internet Writing Workshop are computer-savvy (or at least, computer-capable) writers.

Here are two reports of interest today in the computer world, the first a comprehensive review of the latest edition of Internet Explorer, and the second discusses a major retailer's attitude toward bloatware:

IE8 Shows Microsoft is Serious about Playing Catch-up
IE8 has me surprised. Internet Explorer has fallen a long way behind Safari, Opera, and Firefox. IE7 brought the much-needed tabs, but was still a long way behind the competing browsers. And honestly, even IE8 hasn't caught up with the competition. But it's a great deal closer than I thought it would be.

Industry Rethinks Moneymaking Software Practice
SAN FRANCISCO — Before they ship PCs to retailers like Best Buy, computer makers load them up with lots of free software. For $30, Best Buy will get rid of it for you. Robert Stephens, head of Geek Squad, said of removing preinstalled software, “We’ll give consumers what they want.” That simple cleanup service is threatening the precarious economics of the personal computer industry.

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Gary said...

Word circulating in the IT world says there may be some problems installing IE8 if the computer's OS is XP-SP3. Read one story here:

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