Monday, August 18, 2008

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A good week! Here's the good news our people have been receiving recently.


Pam Casto

I recently got the news that my 7,500-word article on flash fiction that's to be part of a four-volume work on contemporary American fiction will be released in October, 2008. The title of the project is BOOKS AND BEYOND: THE GREENWOOD ENCYCLOPEDIA OF NEW AMERICAN READING (Hardcover).

The Amazon site (where they're taking preorders) says: "each entry is written by an expert contributor and provides a definition of the genre, an overview of its history, a look at trends and themes, a discussion of authors and works, and suggestions for further reading." It also says, "More than 80 alphabetically arranged entries summarize the state of popular
literature in America today."

You can see the other details at Amazon.

So I'm one happy writer right now. My article in Rose Metal Press' Field Guide to Writing Flash Fiction will be available in Spring 2008, so I have two things to look forward to seeing in print in the near future.

Ann Hite

My story "Circle of Light," a Black Mountain story, was nominated to the Sundress Best of 2008 by The Dead Mule. I'm still pinching myself from the other day when I found out but didn't ask the name of the story chosen :). That's what happens when a writer gets exciting news. They forget to ask for details.

I was surprised to hear it was "Circle of Light." This is one of my favorite stories, but I never saw it as nomination material. That's why writers are not allowed to judge their own work.

"Circle of Light" is on the list with Ron Carlson, who won last year. To have my story on the same list as a story written by Ron Carlson is enough to make me die a happy woman. It is an honor. Ron Carlson is the king of short story writing. If you haven't read his work, please do. He also has a book out called Ron Carlson Writes A Story that helps any
writer look at short story writing in a new light.

Thanks for your support.

And my book review of The Plague Of Doves has been published at Internet Review of Books. Check out this review magazine. It is one of the best.

Kristen Howe

This just came out of the blue today in the mail. Bear Creek Haiku has accepted and published my haiku, "Fire," for their recent issue. I got the issue in the mail to find out. There's no website, but I got it in the mail. "Fire" was previously published in Hummingbird's last issue, last year. Yahoo!

Katherine Kay

Hello, Everyone, Greetings from Texas!

I have 53 "Guides" posted at with Bios. And I have 30 or so articles on the Lance Armstrong website with bios. And I've writing for as well -- well over a hundred, no bios. That's why no one has heard much from me lately!

It's a lot of work all these articles. (; Yes, I'm looking for better paying work. If you're an editor, keep me in mind. Note how technical all those Guides are. I'm tapping into my science and engineering background. But I have to write them fast to make it worth my time.


Julie McGuire

Hello Writing Friends:

I'm pleased to announce that the August issue of The Internet Review of Books is now live.

You can see my review of Martin Clark's The Legal Limit. Also, please check out our new "Worth Mentioning" section.


Roger Poppen

I am pleased to join my IWW colleagues, and other illustrious writers, in the current Internet Review of Books. My review of Distracted is here.

Thank you, Carter, for all your work in putting this together, and thanks for the opportunity.

Jayne Pupek

The Feminist Review and Ghoti Magazine posted reviews of my poetry book, "Forms of Intercession" (Mayapple Press, 2008).

My novel Tomato Girl (Algonquin Books) is reviewed on Blogcritics.

Tomato Girl also was reviewed in The Courier-Journal.

Lesli Richardson

My novel Love & Brimstone was officially released on Friday (08-08-08)!

I'm so excited!!!!!

Okay, so now I'm hyperventilating. *LOL* My first review EVER is out on

The upshot:

"Lesli Richardson has taken the vampire myths that we all know to a very different level. No more fangs, coffins, or hiding from the sun. This is definitely a skillfully spun story about some new age vamps. You might even find yourself unable to stop reading due to the powers this story will have over you! Love and Brimstone is a powerfully sexy book - a
must read!"


Wayne Scheer

Thank goodness for magazines that accept reprints to help a writer through dry spells.

An old story of mine, "Prairie Flower," has been accepted by Iguana Review, a print publication. Thanks to the gang at Fiction who critiqued this one a while back.

Rebeca Schiller

Okay, this is dual credit. One for Carter for penning the response and one for me for forwarding and getting some publicity for IRB. Here's the link:

Trish (Harriette) Spanabel

I have had another short 55-word story accepted for the September issue of PenPricks.

Small yahoo, I realize, but better than nothing.

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