Monday, September 8, 2008

Members in print or published

Not very many this week, but they're all good, that's for sure! And I think this is a good time for a special Yahoo for the Internet Writing Workshop--all its admins, who keep the place going (which is a fair amount of work), and all its members, who sub and crit and keep us alive and kicking in a big way! Don't forget to nominate the IWW for the Writer's Digest's Best 101 Web Sites--look just to your right and scroll down slightly to find out how to do it.


Nan Hawthorne

My novel, An Involuntary King, is now available on

Take a look at I am beyond excited.

Spread the word!

Charles Hightower

Received word today that I received Honorable Mention again from the Writers of the Future Contest. Folks on the Practice list saw bits and pieces of the tale over time - and I appreciate the feedback in that forum.

Kristen Howe

Better late than never, I got my print copy of the Illogical Muse in the mail today. My poem "Golden Orb" is on the third page. Last year, it was online. Because of family issues and computer problems, it's been down. It's listed on the website. But it's not underlined for a link. Last year, I got no issue. So this is a good treat. Hooray!

Mel Jacob

Two reviews in the September SFRevu: Lachlie, Odd Girl Out. And three in Gumshoe Review: Rainstone Fall, Wicked Weaves, Dark Waters.

Ellen Lindquist

My poem "Espresso Melancholy" was accepted for publication in the Nov./Dec. 2008 issue of The Rambler, a magazine which is perhaps North Carolina's answer to The Sun and is sold at bookstore magazine racks nationwide.

My article "Flash Fiction Lights Up the Web" appeared in the April, 2008, issue of the print version of Paste Magazine.

Frances Mackay

My poem is up on Cowboy Poetry plus bio and news.

I didn't think it would be up this quickly. I have also received two more DPAs (Distinguished Poet's Award) from a Brisbane workshop group. That's four from them. Nice little surprise, eh?

Happy Australian Father's Day!


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