Saturday, October 4, 2008

The Internet Writing Workshop

Were one big happy family here at the Internet Writing Workshop. Kathleen Purcell sends word about one of our brothers, Gary Presley, and his book signing in Iowa on Friday. Gary's first book 7 Wheelchairs was just published by University of Iowa Press.

Kathleen says:

Most of you know that this weekend Gary was in Iowa giving a series of interviews and readings of his new book, "7 Wheelchairs - A life Beyond Polio." Well, Grace and I met Gary up there and had the honor of sitting in on one of his readings.

The reading took place at Prairie Lights bookstore in Iowa City. He was warm, he was witty, he was everything we know Gary to be. The polite crowd
of 30 or so people broke into spontaneous applause at one point, and guffaws at another. I was very proud to know the author.

Even better, my husband and I had the privilege of meeting Gary's wife, Belinda, and their son, Matthew. As well as Grace's husband, Sam. It was a wonderful time!

I have attached a photo of Gary that my husband took just after his reading. Doesn't he just look like an author? You can't see it in the photo, but he is wearing red Chucks.

Congratulations, Gary!


Carter said...

Great picture, great news from Kathleen!

Nice work posting it, Ruth.

Don't you dare take this down when you get back, Gary. :-)

Mridu Khullar said...

Thanks for posting this! Great to hear about this.

Congratulations, Gary!

Ross Eldridge said...

I listened to Gary on the Iowa Public Radio that morning (our afternoon) ... all the way across the Atlantic and a fair bit of land ... No telling what he was wearing at that interview, but I'm green with envy at that red shirt and tie!

Well done, Gary. I enjoyed my copy of the book.


monideepa sahu said...

Such exciting news. Three cheers for Gary and our wonderful IWW.

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