Tuesday, October 26, 2010

IWW Members' Publishing Successes

This week's publishing successes leads off with an announcement by Julie McGuire of The Internet Review of BooksBased on the content that follows, it appears there will be even more content to enjoy from the IRB.

Congratulations to this week's writers!



Julie McGuire

On October 15, 2010, The Internet Review of Books (IRB) relaunched to a daily format. Our lead review is of Sara Gruen's (Water for Elephants) latest novel, Ape House.

Though we are sad to say goodbye to Carter Jefferson and Ruth Douillette who retired to pursue other interests, Bob Sanchez, Gary Presley, and I are pleased to continue the tradition of high quality fiction and non fiction  reviews. We'll just do so more frequently.

Many of you at IWW have contributed fantastic reviews for the IRB, and we've had the great fortune to review some published work by IWW members. We share this YAHOO with all of you who have supported us along the way.

Barry Basden

Front Porch Review accepted and has published "Heroes of Vietnam."

Thanks to Gary Presley for great help with the imagery.

Mark Budman

My review of "Super Sad True Love Story" by Gary Shteyngart has been accepted by Rain Taxi Review of Books.

Joylene Butler

After self-publishing my novel Dead Witness and then signing with Canadian distributor Sandhill Books in 2009, my next novel Broken But Not Dead is due for release through Theytus Books next summer. My editor Leanne Flett Kruger of Coyote Rock Editing did an outstanding job.

Florence Cardinal

My article "How Do You Like Your Coffee?" is up at Health Central.

Ruth Douillette

I went to read Sarah's review on the new Internet Review of Books site... and what do you know? Just above hers was my brief review of Bring Down the Little Birds, a slim ode to/complaint about motherhood.

Alice Folkart

My almost Haiku, "Untethered," is up at Four and Twenty Magazine's October issue. It's number 23.

There is some good work in there and I'm proud to be part of it. Hope you enjoy.

Sherry Gloag (Jackie)

I was a recent guest blogger at Peony's Pleasure Cafe.

Doug Helbling

My recent guest blog is up at Science Fiction and Other Oddysseys.

Carter Jefferson

Many thanks to Barry Basden for publishing a sliver of memoir, "Waiting on a Star," at Camroc Press Review.

My review of Ivan Doig's latest historical novel about Montana miners is up at The Internet Review of Books.

Tom Mahony

My story, "Sticks" is up at Bartleby Snopes.

My flash, "Carolers" is up at Diddledog.

Sarah Morgan

My review of The Disappearing Spoon: And Other True Tales of Madness, Love, and the History of the World from the Periodic Table of the Elements (Wow, that’s a long title!) by Sam Kean is now up at the Internet Review of Books.

A special thanks to all in nonfiction who helped tweak this piece. ¡Muchos gracias!

Anita Saran

On the Muse Writer's Conference, I pitched two of my novellas -- one fantasy and the other literary fiction -- to four publishers, and just finished pitching to the publisher at Eirelander Press. The publisher hadn't been able to make it to the conference and I had missed pitching to her. She's asked to see both novellas and agreed to give me a month polishing them.

I will be subbing Nederland -- a new and improved version, complete with a funny cave-dwelling hermit nun who transforms the lives of my main characters -- so the story becomes tragi-comic. And it looks like there's actually a market for it!

Wayne Scheer

My story, "Past Lives," is up at Romance Flash.

Weird Year will publish my flash, "Is It My Fault?," December 13.

Both of these stories were written with the Practice group, so I have them to thank.

Long Story Short has accepted my flash, "A Secret," for their December issue. Thanks to Practice for helping me get this one started.

And Skive Magazine, a print monthly out of Australia, has accepted an old story of mine, "At the Hop," for their November Americana issue.

Jack Shakely

My new book review about the events leading up to Martin Luther King Jr.'s memorable "I Have a Dream" speech leads off the current issue of Internet Review of Books. Do you remember where you were that steamy August  day in 1963?

Carol Sutton

My book #3 Blood Opal -- crime fiction set on Cornwall UK --- is now available on Amazon.co.uk and Amazon.com.

My thanks go wholeheartedly to those on the IWW Novels-L list who critiqued it and helped me hone my work.

Check out its cover art. This photo was taken by Jenni Brammall of Down to Earth Opals of Lightning Ridge, Australia.

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