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IWW Member's Publishing Success~

Barry Basden

Smith Magazine's Six Word Memoirs has featured my entry submitted under
the pseudonym, 'camroc':

Anyone can enter a piece and if it's featured, it will also be
considered for a later print edition. Of course, mine is a lie, right
down to gender, so who knows how it will turn out.

Thanks to Mark Budman for explaining to me how all this works.

Magnolia's Press has published my prose poem, "At the Home 70 Years

A-Minor, which publishes only one piece a week, has accepted "Hints of
the Blitz, 1940" for early February publication.

Thanks to all who critiqued and made it better. I especially appreciate
the memories Michael Wright shared.

Our own Kathy Highcove is editor of IN FOCUS, the newsletter of the West
Valley branch of the California Writers Club. She has graciously
reprinted three of my shorter pieces, nicely illustrated, on page 7 of
the November issue, which includes lots of fine writing. The pdf is
available for download here. Thanks, Kathy.


Amanda Borenstadt

I'm pleased to say my flash story, "An Odd Friendship" has been published at Litsnack.   :)

Since appearing in this scene, these characters and their story have expanded and are starting to bloom into a novel.


Jan Bridgeford-Smith

My story, "Makeover," is now up at Apollo's Lyre.  Thanks to the Practice List
critters and Jim Harrington, for their help on this one.

It's a pleasure to report I'll be joining Wayne Scheer in Eclectic Flash's Best
of 2010 Anthology. My story poem, "Following Abraham," has been selected for
inclusion.  Thanks to the Practice folks for all the useful feedback on this


Mark Budman

Another six word memoir: "Food" (page 2):

My story, "On Demand," which was critiqued here last year has been accepted
by Raleigh Review,  a paying market.

Thank you everyone who critiqued it.

My first flash fiction in Russian is accepted for publication by a
Moscow-based magazine Unost.


Loretta Carrico-Russell

My book review is up on IRB.

If you're a man, have a man or know a man, please read my review of
Invasion of the Prostate Snatchers. It is full of valuable info that
one needs to know before being diagnosed with prostate cancer. Please


Sue Ellis

My book review of Peculiar Institution, America's Death Penalty in an Age of Abolition by David Garland appeared Nov. 1 at IRB:

There are so many great reviews there--certainly worth the time to pop in and find out which books you might like to buy or check out at the library.


Rebecca Gaffron

Just got word that my short piece "Of Wilderness and Philosophy" was chosen as one of The Camel Saloon editor's favorites for the month of October. It's currently posted at here: 

Sherry Gloag (jonjo)
Plotter v Pantser


Lynne Hinkey

Hurray for the IRB!

My review of The Many Worlds of Hugh Everett III is up at the Internet Review of Books.

It's a fascinating read if you're a physics or sci fi buff, and absolutely terrifying if you lived through the cold war to show how close we all came to NOT living through that time!

Thanks Bob and all the IRB editors and reviewer-wranglers!


Ann Hite

I've been asked to become a regular contributor and join a long list of a distinguished Southern authors on A Good Blog's Hard to Find. I'm so excited. Check them out. It is a good resource for book exposure too.

Also for those who haven't seen on Facebook, the cover for my book has been designed. You can find it on my website.

The comments from my editor in New York made it into Montana Scribbler. I love what she has to say. Read it and let her know what you think. I'm proud to be part of this blog!


Mel Jacob (Nel Duvall)

Lots of reviews for November!

I did one more, but that will most likely appear in Dec.

At Science Fiction Revu

Hull Zero Three by Greg Bear (Orbit Hardcover) :
Greg Bear's Hull Zero Three uses familiar icons. A  man wakes in a
generational star ship unaware of where or who he is. Bear  manages to introduce
some metaphysical elements and a crisis of conscience that  shape the climax
of a struggle for survival and the future for the  remaining humans.

Midsummer Night by Freda Warrington (Tor Books  Hardcover):
A fabulous read with wonderful  characters and flowing prose. Freda
Warrington's latest novel Midsummer Night  pits contemporary humans against the
Dark Ones of Irish folklore. 

At Gumshoe Review

A Sporting Murder by Chester D. Campbell (Night  Shadows Press Paperback): 
The fifth Chester  Campbell novel featuring private investigators Greg and
Jill McKenzie, A  Sporting Murder, begins with the death of a young German
friend, Arnold Weschel,  who asked to meet with Greg to discuss some
explosive information he has learned  about the McKenzies' latest case involving
efforts to bring an NBA team to  Nashville.

The Last Matryoshka by Joyce Yarrow (Five Star Hardcover):
In Joyce Yarrow's latest noir mystery The Last  Matryoshka, Jo Epstein, a
private investigator from the Bronx receives a panicky  phone call from her
stepfather, Nikolai Kharpov, He has been involved in a  murder and fears the
police will not believe his story. The trail of the killer  leads to Russia
and an action packed climax. Yarrow provides a twist at the end  that will
surprise some.

The Lies That Bind: A Bibliophile Mystery by Kate Carlisle (Signet
Similar to other  mysteries that feature a funny, smart woman in an unusual
profession, The Lies  that Bind, focuses on the murder of a bitchy head of
an arts organization.  Brooklyn Wainwright, master bookbinder, finds herself
the target of a criminal  determined to profit from a high-priced fraud.


Kathleen Jordan

My piece "Ages of a Woman," subbed on Fiction, has been accepted at Glossolalia.  It will show up in the new few weeks I'm told. Thanks, Fiction.


Tom Mahony

My flash, "Carolers" is up at Diddledog.

The opening of my novel Imperfect Solitude (set for release on December 1st)
is up at LabLit.

My essay, "Latitudinal Smuggery" (geared for a surfing audience), is up at
The Inertia.


Jacquelynn Rasmenia Massoud

My flash fiction story, "Don't Bother," which originally appeared in
the September issue of Eclectic Flash, has been chosen for their Best
of 2010 anthology, which will be available in January.

Thanks again to the group on the Practice list where this story began.


Judith Quaempts

The Recusant has accepted some poems of mine. I sent four. The editor said he wanted to use most or all of them.

A special thanks to Wayne--cuz he's so good about sharing his experiences--about getting five rejections for every acceptance, about not letting rejection take you down. Three of these poems were rejected by another editor though they fit the guidelines for the type of poems wanted. This time I sent them right off to The Recusant.

I should add that both editors were very timely about responding - two days.
I've been waiting for this day.


Bob Sanchez

Writers on this list gave me wise advice a couple of months ago, which
boiled down to "don't design your own cover." So I hired a local artist, who
took the elements I asked her to use and created the cover that appears on my blog. Those elements were Cambodia, America, and death, and I'm pleased with her work.

The Internet Review of Books got a mention in the Huffington Post.


Anita Saran

My first novel Circe is finally available-- Nov. 3--as paperback on Amazon and Under the Moon. Now I can order copies!


Wayne Scheer

Long Story Short came through with another acceptance.  They want my 
story, "Father and Son" for their Father's Day issue in June.

Everyday Fiction has accepted, "Not the Jealous Type," for a future  issue.
"Jealous" began in Practice, so I have that wonderful group to  thank. 

Foliate Oak Literary Journal has accepted my flash, "A Clear Picture,"  for
their next issue.  This story was written for Practice, so I thank them 
once more.

My story, "Spring Comes to Mississippi," is up at Dew on the Kudzu.   This
one was critiqued in Fiction a while back.  Thanks.

Whortleberry Press has accepted my story, "Stepping Out," for their 
Valentine's print anthology.  The story was critiqued in Fiction, so I owe  the
group my thanks and the $10 publication payment. Guidelines for this book and future Whortleberry publications can be  found here.

My story, "The Parking Lot," is up at Left Hand Waving.

My story, "A New Song," has been selected for Eclectic Fiction's Best of 
2010 anthology.

I'm proud to say I just got word that I will be soon be joining Gary 
Presley at Cynic Magazine.  They accepted two of my stories.  "One  Man's Priority" is scheduled for publication November 16 and "No Secrets for  January 16.

 Both of these stories began in Practice, so thanks to the  group.


Mithran Somasundrum

A story I subbed to the Fiction list a long time ago called "Adrenaline Inc." has been accepted by a print mag called GUD

If you want to try them, they have a website where you can upload your story (they also take non-fiction, poetry and art).

Their tastes are somewhere between literary and genre fiction.  They're nice people to work with.


Valerie Spires

I'm really excited! Just had my novel Dark Dreams accepted by Mirador
Publishing. I've sent this out to loads of people and I was going to put it
through the Novels list if it fell down this time. Instead I'll start my
polishing my next one now!


Mona Vanek

I'm so thrilled! When responding to my note that I've linked
WritingWorld in my writing course the owner, Moira Allen, replied
that since reviewing "Access The World and Write Your Way To $$$," she
will be touting me. She wrote: "Impressive!  I'll put this in the file
for an "awesome blog."  I can't say just WHEN it will be posted - I
generally post a new 'awesome blog' every month - but it shouldn't
take too long. Best, Moira Allen." is widely recognized as an exceptionally good resource
for writers.

Yesterday my guest blog went live at Beyond The Elements of Style.

My latest website post also enhances the freebie promo, and explains
the benefits entailed and how they do spread far and wide. It all
came about from my sending a thank you when I linked Jeannette in
"Access The World and Write Your Way To $$$," Chapter 18 - Book Publishing.


Jason Warden

It was two years in the making, and originally was critiqued in the fiction list, but finally after many, many rewrites "Damned" was published in The Evolve Journal.

I'm pleased to announce my story 'Hunting Cabin' has been released as part of the Dark Movements Halloween Special Podcast. I recorded it earlier this month with my eight year old daughter. You can hear it here.

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