Monday, December 13, 2010

Our Members' Writing Success~

Barry Basden: 
Three short poems are up today at Media Virus. Thanks to 
those who helped with any of them in whatever form.
In late January, Willows Wept Review will publish my 
surrealistic poem about hunting,"The Rabbit Ran for a 
Quarter Mile."
Florence Cardinal: 
My two-part article is up at Health Central:  
Perchance to Dream - Prophetic Dreams - Sleep Disorders 
Jeannette Cezanne:  
I'm very pleased to announce that my medieval novel, The 
Crown and The Kingdom, is nowpublished as an ebook and 
available here.
I started this book when I was fifteen, and it's gone 
through one translation (originally written in French), 
myriad rewrites and edits, a full structural change 
(and back), and a lot of angst. So I'm very happy to have 
it out in the world.
Please note that the Kindle ebook can be read on nearly 
any portable device, not just the Kindle, and indeed on 
your laptop or home computer as well.
Please take a moment to check it out. It's affordable and 
might be just the right holiday gift for that person who's 
difficult to shop for!
Thanks, and thanks for your support!
Jacki Massoud:
Hello -

My flash piece, "Subway Sounds", has been published at 
Weird Year and is now online on their site: 

This originally started out in Practice, so thank you to 
everyone who gave me critiques on this one.

Tom Mahony: 
There's a new review of my novel IMPERFECT SOLITUDE in 
The Waterman's Library, and an interview with me in  
Boston Literary Magazine:
Bob Sanchez: 
I won some prizes today at the El Paso Writers' League's 
annual writing contest, including a first place in one of 
the fiction categories.
Wayne Scheer:
My flash, "A Secret," is up at Long Story Short.

My 100-worder, "She's Still There," won Honorable Mention 
at this  month's Necon Books Flash Fiction Contest
They're going crazy with themselves and expanded next 
month's word limit to 500. Check the  site for theme 
Foliate Oak's website is working again. The current issue 
includes my  flash, "A Clear Picture.""The Bride Didn't 
Even Wear White," a bit of creative nonfiction  that 
started in Practice a long time ago, will be published in  
Clever Magazine's January issue.
Pat St. Pierre:
Just received two acceptances from Touch, The Journal of 
Healing for two of my photos. 
A "Winter Afternoon" photo will be in the January 2011 
issue and can be purchased at Amazon.
The "Evening" photo will be in the May 2011 issue.

Ignatius Valentine Aloysius:
I'm up at Suite101 with the article "How to Buy Firewood 
From Your Local Scout Troop,"seen here.
Joanna M. Weston:
A short poem, "Glazing," is up at Ink, Sweat, and Tears.



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