Monday, December 6, 2010

Our Members Writing Sucess~

"The Sound of Doves"--part truth, part fiction--is in the December issue of Dead Mule. 

My flash, "Caressing and Possessing," is in the December issue of decomP. Thanks to those on the fiction list who helped with this under another title.

Florence Cardinal~
Rest in Peace, Leslie Nielsen - in Suite 101:

Karna Converse~
My review of "Missing Lucile" (by Suzanne Berne) was published on November 20 at the Internet Review of Books. 

I'm happy to report that I've contributed 11 writing prompts to Literary Mama -- and a couple have generated comments. In fact, one reader tweeted my November 23 prompt as her JournalChat Pick of the Day. You can read a list of my nine "For Your Journal" prompts here. In that post, you can click around the website to read the prompts in their entirety. In addition to the "For Your Journal" prompts, I write the prompts for the Literary Reflections essays; these can be here.  

Ruth Douillette~
 My interview with Greg Heyman, author of ADDICTION, A DISORDER OF CHOICE, is up at Internet Review of Books, followed by a review of his book. Mr. Heyman makes an interesting argument. 

Another review, FITS, STARTS & MATTERS OF THE HEART, is also at Internet Review of Books. It’s an anthology of essays about “love, loss, and everything in between.” It includes a wonderful essay by our own Sarah Zobel.

Also, my essay, "The Price of a Pound of Flesh," was accepted for a CHICKEN SOUP FOR THE SOUL Book a year ago. Today I got ten copies of the published book, SHAPING THE NEW YOU, in the mail with the check. Alas, there is still only the old me.  

I have the following  book reviews at Science Fiction Revu  
Blue and Gold by K.J. Parker
Steampunk by Tim 
Song of Orpheus by Robert Silverberg 
The second volume in Peter Hamilton's monumental trilogy, Night's Dawn.
If Walls Could Talk: A Haunted Home Renovation Mystery by Juliet Blackwell 
More reviews at Gumshoe Review 
One Grave Less: A Diane Fallon Forensic Investigation by Beverly 
Open Season by Maryann Miller
Circle of Lies by Douglas Alan

Peg Frey [aka Margaret A.]~
Just returned from Turkey Day feasting and gallivanting and had a pleasant homecoming thanks to Kathy Highcove. Kathy's writing group newsletter "In Focus"[California Writers' Club, West Valley] showcased one of my flash pieces this month, "When It's All Said and Done."  Click on Newsletter then 'this month's newsletter' [takes a few seconds to load] and you'll find me on pages 8-9. Thanks again to Kathy H.

Patricia L. Johnson~
My poem “Lucky Mountain Dog” is up in Foliate Oak's December issue. Foliate Oak likes quirky pieces. Their acceptance time is very fast, usually just a few days. Duotrope Digest has more information about Foliate Oak. 

Tom Mahony~
Hi All, At long last, my novel, IMPERFECT SOLITUDE, was released today from Casperian Books. Thanks to all on the Novels-L list who suffered through several rounds of the manuscript and offered excellent advice. It would not have been published without the input I received from you all. Here is a link to the book for North American readers.  Readers outside the U.S. and Canada can check it out here. Thanks again

M. Elaine Moor~
My poem, "Reunion" is up at Foliate Oak Literary Journal.


Pepper Norris
I just found out that Dead Run won first place in the romantic suspense category in the Gateway to the Best Contest. Needless to say, I'm jazzed. Dead Run is a romantic thriller. 

My story, "Human Detritus" has been accepted by Big Pulp is now online in their mystery section. Thank you so much to everyone on the Fiction list who read this one several months ago & gave me some feedback - it helped a lot. Also, special bonus thanks to Wayne Scheer for suggesting that I send it to Big Pulp in the first place. I never would have come up with that idea on my own, and I got my first "professional payment" from this one! Cheers! Jacki -- 

"Shruthi Rao"
I yahooed this a couple of months ago--the story is now online at Joyful! If you scroll down, it is the second one on the page. Once again, thank you, Practice!

Bob Sanchez~
Please check out my review of American Freak Show at Internet Review of Books.

Wayne Sheer~
My story, "A Clear Picture," is up at Foliate Oak. This one began in  Practice.

Pat St. Pierre~
I have a nonfiction piece entitled "Treasures from My Mother" published in December's Joyful Hope you enjoy it.

I have a story 'in Between' in the Winter edition of MicroW, which was released yesterday. You can get the free download here. It's a very cool collection of short-shorts. 

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