Monday, January 17, 2011

Our Members' Writing Success~

Barry Basden:
Trapeze Magazine, a tweet fiction site, has published something I would have called “Vacation Time” had there been room for a title.  

Front Porch Review published my poem, "A Sort of Rorschach Test," in  their January issue.  

Becca Gaffron:
I have a poem, "cold feet" posted at poets democracy, and another work, "Winter, 39," forthcoming at The Camel Saloon later this week. Both journals are a pleasure to work with.  Cheers.

Lynne Hinkey:
My short review of a short book (100 pp) - Kingdom of Ants - is up at the Internet Review of Books.  Thanks to Bob, Gary, and Julie for all their time and hard work making that such a great site to both  read and write for!! 

Ann Hite:
Here’s another one of those maybe kind of yahoos. But it sure is a big one to me. You know you’re a novelist when you get a box overnighted to you from New York City, open it, and find advanced copies of your novel staring back. Got to love it. Snoopy dancing.  

Tom Mahony:
Two new reviews of my novel, Imperfect Solitude, at LabLit and Terrain.        

Sarah Morgan:
My latest book review, Eliza Griswold's THE TENTH PARALLEL is live at the Internet Review of Books.  A big thank you to all who critted this on the nonfiction list. Because of all the feedback, and particularly the comments of Gary Presley and Nina Iyer, the review bares little resemblance to the originally subbed version. It is much better, and I thank you one and all.  "Journalist and poet Eliza Griswold spent seven years investigating and reporting on religious conflict around the globe. That she lived to tell about it is remarkable. Her travels took her to some of the most troubled and often violent countries in the Eastern Hemisphere: Sudan, Somalia, Nigeria, Ethiopia, as well as Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines." 

Roger Poppin:
My flash, Going South, is up at Infective Ink: Thanks to those who critted on Practice.

Dennis Rizzo:
Yahoo - finally got my Historical Novel published (POD self after all) - A  Christmas Conspiracy - available through The Bookery, LLC in Mount Holly. 

Bob Sanchez:
My review of The Autobiography of Mark Twain is up at the Internet Review of Books. Please stop by to leave a comment and become a follower. 

Behlor Santi:
For all fans of black American literature, women's literature, or just a good damn read, my article on Zora Neale Hurston is currently in the February 2011 edition of The Writer. The magazine included a gorgeous old photo of Miss Hurston, and she looks like a glamazon.

Wayne Scheer
My nonfiction essay, "The Bride Didn't Wear White," is up at Clever Magazine.  This one began in Practice years ago.  Prepare to either be shocked or to roll your eyes. 

My story, "A Cowboy in Tight Jeans," is up at Every Day Fiction.   Thanks to Fiction for critiquing this one.

About a year ago I yahooed that a short story of mine, "Zen and the Art of   Housepainting," was going to be made into a film.  It's finally  completed  and available for viewing.  It's a kick seeing my story acted  out.   

Joanna Weston:
Four poems up at '7beats Here and Now'! I'm even  'featured poet', so it's a happy day. Check and scroll down. 


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