Monday, January 24, 2011

Our Members' Writing Success~

G. K. Adams:
My short short story, "Mystery Ingredient" is now up at The Legendary.  Thanks to all on the fiction list who critiqued it. Your great suggestions made the difference.

Carol Aronoff:
Six of my poems are online at Nature Writing.

Mark Budman:
Sonora Review has accepted three of my flashes. It will be my second pub at this mag.

Jeannette de Beauvoir:
My poem, "Forgetting," is live today at the Camroc Press Review.

Elaine Moore:
My poem, "Lost," is up at Four and Twenty Magazine.

Sarah Savage:
Yippeee! My story, "I Did, I Can, I Will," was published in the January/February issue of AT Journeys, the magazine of the Appalachian Trail Conservancy. It's a print publication, but my story is also available online here. (They used my pictures too!) I am particularly proud to have this story out in the world because it communicates the essence of my experience on the Trail. The editor, Wendy Probst, was a pleasure to work with too. We built quite an email trail after she made the decision to use my story, and she was always prompt, professional, and clear.

Pat St. Pierre:
The Camel Saloon has just published one of my photographs entitled "Come to the Theater". 

Two photos, "The Doors are Always Open" and "Autumn Scenery" were accepted for two issues in February for Pond Ripples Magazine.

One photo "Welcome" for Front Porch Review April issue.

Will send links when photos are published.

Mona Vanek:
Yahooee! Woopee! I did it ~~ and in less than a month. Volume 1 of my three-volume regional Montana history is published online at Behind These Mountains, Vol. 1. Twenty nine chapters (including bibliographies) and Indexes and Maps. I am so happy I'm gonna hug my hubby, cuddle our cat, and dance around the room! Whew! The 188 pictures will get inserted (slow process because I first have to locate each image in the pages of digitally scanned 35mm negs) but don't hold your breath. Volumes 2 and 3 will follow ASAP. But for now, I'm satisfied to have accomplished this much. Now I'd better get busy and write press releases for the newspaper editors who will want to tell their readers.

Author Katie Youngren, whom I featured on my Web site,, just sent me an email in which she said she's been interviewed by the Spokesman-Review since then, and also got a call (from the local TV station), "KHQ this morning and they want to do an interview on Monday morning at 6:30," she said. "I am ecstatic, to say the least... Also, I have gotten a ton of comments on the nice piece you did. Thanks again so much! Katie." 

I've also forwarded to Katie a couple of e-mail requests (I received) for her Itty Bitty Schoolbus Kitty book.

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