Monday, February 21, 2011

Our Members' Writing Success~

Barry Basden:
"After Forty Years of Marriage" is in the February issue of Four and Twenty. A free PDF of the issue is available for download.  Thanks to all who helped with this.

Sue Ellis:
I have a book review up at Internet Review of Books. Lots of great reviews there, and the editors are easy to work with. Another piece of luck: Mused, at Bella Online accepted a poem for their spring issue.
Forgive the self-indulgence, but I got a note from Victoria at Literary House Review today asking for my approval on two minor edits to "The Disappearance of PFC Ned Lansing," which will appear in the new issue of Skyline Review. The edits included a note from the editor: "Ed- This author has written an almost perfect piece of American literature. It’s not often I read a modern story that could be taught in school. The small changes I’ve noted are up to the author."  

I know I write a lot of stuff that's mediocre and plenty that's plain awful, so when I shine, I know who to thank. Thank you, IWW, and Fiction in particular, for commenting on this story when it was subbed--almost two years ago, I think. I've worked on it endlessly, had it rejected, then wrote a whole new ending before subbing it to Skyline Magazine. I didn't hear back for six months. Tenacity pays off. And I'd have never known about Skyline Magazine without seeing yahoos from Wayne Scheer and Anne Hite. No congrats necessary. I've patted myself on the back until I'm bent over. And thanks—again.  

Mira Desai:
Frostwriting features my essay, a tribute to the Practice group in general (and to Alice in particular):  Much gratitude.

Peg Frey:
Ken Again will be running two of my quick fictions in their summer and fall issues, respectively. Both pieces (in various stages of completion) were reviewed and critted on the Practice and Prose-P boards, “The Dreaming Season” and “On the Last Day.”

Thanks to everyone for the feedback and for members reminding me of the venue. Ken Again is an online quarterly; the editor is John Delin. Submission guidelines can be found here.

Eric Petersen:
My latest book review, “The Devil And Mr. Casement by Jordan Goodman,” has been published by the Internet Review of Books

Wayne Scheer:
"When One Thing Leads to Another," a nonfiction piece I wrote recently to keep from going insane while remodeling our kitchen, has been published in the current issue of Shine Journal.  ) Thanks.

Pat St.Pierre:
Another photo of mine, "The Doors Are Always Open," has just been published by Pond Ripples.

Judith Quaempts:
A short story submitted to fiction some time back appears in this issue of Shine Journal. Thanks to the fiction list for helping me put it in order. And be sure to check Wayne's non-fiction story there too, and all the other good “stuff.” PS: I have to say, I would not have included the dove.

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