Tuesday, May 31, 2011

IWW Members' Publishing Successes

Internet Writing Workshop members had some super announcements this past week with lots to celebrate. Michael Baird saw his first publishing success; Lynne Hinkey's much anticipated novel, "Marina Melee," hits bookstore shelves tomorrow; and Pat St. Pierre had her first flash fiction published.

It's never been a better time to be part of the Internet Writing Workshop!

Congratulations to this week's crew!


Michael Baird

Over the weekend, Fiction365 accepted "Firebug." This is my first publication. Special thanks to the Fiction list.


Barry Basden

Short, Fast & Deadly has published "The Divorcée Confronts Her Social Network."


Mira Desai

Reading Hour is a crisp magazine from Bangalore.

Reading Hour Vol 3 features my speculative story based on an Indian epic, "Flight from the Bastions."

Reading Hour Vol 2 contained my spin on family fortunes, "7, Chinar woods."

Reading Hour Vol 1 featured a translation, "Shefali Kamdar," based on the original story by Shri Pravinsinh Chavda.

Print feels good. And I got paid.

Thanks, Practice group.


Diane Diekman

My review of Little Girl Blue has been posted to the Internet Review of Books.

Thanks to those on Nfiction who critted it for me.


Alice Folkart

Follow the link to see my three-line poem (right above Joanna Weston's - and maybe some other IWW writers) in Three Line Poetry. I can't give you a title, because they ask that the poems be submitted without titles.

The poems are listed by author (but not alphabetical) - so just scroll down, looking for my name on the right-hand margin.


Lynne Hinkey

Marina Melee's official release is on Wednesday, June 1 (although friends who ordered through Amazon have already received theirs). The local paper (very local, as in covering one section of Charleston - West Ashley) has a story about it!


Mel Jacob

I got the contact for my short story, "The Corpulent Chiropteran," today to be in an anthology called Curious Hearts and an offer for two other short stories to appear in an ebook. Don't yet know if it will go into a print anthology or not. Anyway, it's nice to have got these acceptances since I hadn't ever sent out two of these stories before.

Right know I don't know when they'll be out. The Curious Hearts was originally scheduled for July so we'll see and I've no idea about the ebook. What a day!


Pauline Micciche

My flash fiction "Initiation" is up on Stories Space as part of their Celebration Contest. Readers' votes count toward selection for prizes. I use the name Monet on their site.


P. F. Palm

My story, "Communion," is the feature story on Fiction365.


Dennis Rizzo

As I understand it, my historical novel, A Christmas Conspiracy (ASIN: B0051VS7VW), is available for Kindle download at Amazon.com for $3.88 - go figure.


Wayne Scheer

Thanks to Alice Folkart, I've been trying to write poetry lately. I wrote one yesterday in honor of the end of the world and sent it to The New Verse News. They put it up today.

My story, "Doing Penance," will be reprinted in the July issue of Front Porch Review. Thanks to the Fiction group for their help with this one.

My flash, "Renewal," is published in the current Best of Everyday Fiction, a print anthology.

Just found out that my story, "Butterfly," was published in Everyday Fiction a couple of days ago. The story was critiqued in Practice and Fiction a while back, so thanks to all.


Jack Shakely

My review of The Chinese Dream is up today on Internet Review of Books. With 1.4 billion people, if China realizes its version of the American Dream with new cars, homes and appliances, the Chinese Dream will inevitably become the Global Nightmare. Take a look.

The May/June issue of ForeWord Reviews magazine has my latest book review, Let There Be Pebble.

My novel, POWs at Chigger Lake, is being offered by Red Room as a prize for best WWII memory blog. The blog topic is "Memories or Impressions of World War II."

Write on. If you win, I'll sign and send you a copy. If you don't win, I may come visit for three days and eat everything in your refrigerator, drink the milk directly out of the carton and leave potato chip crumbs all over everything.

My review of the well-researched and -written novel of the dawning of Texas in the 1830s is up today on The Internet Review of Books.


Pat St. Pierre

My short poem "Battle Warriors is up at Pond Ripples magazine.

My flash fiction "The Promise" is up on Dew on the Kudzu. Scroll down a little.

As I mentioned before, this is my first flash fiction.


Joanna M. Weston

Me too, with Alice Folkart! A three-line poem is up at Three Line Poetry. Scroll down and I'm below Alice.

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