Tuesday, November 15, 2011

IWW Members' Publishing Successes

Internet Writing Workshop members are heading into the holidays with a number of publishing successes across many venues.

Congratulations to our latest batch of members who secured some well deserved bragging rights -- and this on top of [for some of them] also participating this month in the annual NaNoWriMo Novel Writing contest!



Bill Backstrom

My flash, "Born Again" is up today at One Forty Fiction.

Story: Parson spread the word: be born again. His daughter also spread and he caught us. After the shotgun blast perhaps I will be born again.


Barry Basden

My poem, "Sensual Aging," is in the November 2011 Issue of Red River Review. Thanks to all still here who helped this oldie find a home.

Read seven hint fictions at Nailpolish Stories. The OPI colors are great prompts.

My wearable fiction, "Scope," is walking around NYC this week, sponsored by Safety Pin Review.

Sherman Alexie and Margaret Atwood have praised and tweeted about this new, unique little magazine.

Great fun.


Mel Jacob

I have the following book reviews up at SFREVu.com:

  • When the Saints by Dave Duncan - Fantasy with magic in an Alternate world c. 1500s where Church politics and an invasion play a role.
  • Wolf Among the Stars by Steve White - Space Oater with warfare between aliens and Earth allies.
  • The Doomsday Vault: A Novel of the Clockwork Empire by Steven Harper - Steampunk and the clockwork plague.
  • I, Robot: To Protect by Mickey Zucker - Protesters are out to destroy all technology related to robots.
I also have these book reviews up at GumshoeReview.com
  • Troubled Bones: A Medieval Noir by Jeri Westerson - A former knight tries to protect the Becket's bones and solve a murder.
  • The Temple Mount Code by Charles Brokaw - Extremists seek a copy of the Koran written by Mohamed to pursue jihad on the West.
  • To Catch a Leaf: A Flower Shop Mystery by Kate Collins - Murder mystery set in a flower shop where flowers provide a vital clue.
  • Who Do, Voodoo? (A Mind for Murder Mystery) by Rochelle Staab - The murder of a self-proclaimed Voodoo priestess and the curse she left behind require care to resolve.
  • No Child of Mine by Kelly Irvin - Police seek to recover a kidnapped child and also solve the five-year old murder of another.
  • Saint's Gate by Carla Neggers - An ex-nun, now an FBI agent tries to catch a killer and art thief.
  • Sahara Dust by John Ingraham - A Florida deputy sheriff has to battle NCIS and the FBI to solve the murder of a former NCIS agent and stop a weapons sale to Middle Easterners.
Additionally, I sold my short story "Saving Christmas," to Melange Books for an anthology, Warmest Wishes for Christmas. However, they are releasing after Christmas for some reason--guess they had trouble getting enough Christmas stories early enough. Oh, well, maybe next year. While my story culminates on Christmas Day, it is universal.


Mark Kline

My translation of Naja Marie Aidt's story, "Wounds," is in the current issue of Ecotone. The story is from her collection that won the Nordic Council's Literary Prize -- Scandinavia's top literary award. Ecotone is relatively new lit mag, but its stories have already appeared in many anthologies and they attract well known writers. Unfortunately, their website shows only excerpts.

This is a paying market.


Bill LaFond

My story, "Armenouhie," is in the November 2011 Issue of the Valley Scribe, the newsletter of the California Writers' Club, San Fernando Valley branch.

Thanks to Kathy Highcove. This one started out in Practice; thanks to all who critted it.


Karen Lenfestey

My women's fiction novel, What Happiness Looks Like, is now available on Amazon as an e-book or paperback.


Edith Parzefall

I'm still stunned by a dream come true after years of hard and fun work.

MuseItUp Publishing accepted my thriller, Strays of Rio. The tentative ebook release date is September 2012. The paperback should follow shortly afterwards.

A big thank you to everyone here who helped me forge this story into shape!

I'll shout again when the book is available.


Bob Sanchez

I have a guest blog appearance over at Make Mine Mystery and would love it if you'd stop by and leave a comment.


Wayne Scheer

"Root of All Evil" is this week's flash at Infective Ink. It was written in response to a Practice prompt: "I won. Now what?" Infective Ink also accepted my story, "Starting Over." They don't pay for flashes, but ten big ones are mine, all mine, for the short story. It was critiqued in Fiction, so thanks to all.

My story, "Buddies," has been accepted by Big Pulp for their March 2013 print issue. Yes, 2013. I had to email back to see if there was an error. That means I have $18 waiting for me if I live another year and a half. That's what I call incentive.

Also, my poem, "Shakespeare Might Have Had a Day Like This," is up at Foliate Oak Literary Magazine. I yahooed it once before, but I've since discovered it wasn't officially up until now. So, for those of you who like repetition, here it is again.

My story, "Little Man," is up at Long Story Short.

"The Staring Contest" is up at Sugar Mule. This one began in Practice a while back.


Jack Shakely

I have just been informed that my memoir "Indian Me" has been awarded honorable mention in the Writer's Digest 80th annual Writing Competition memoir/personal essay category.


Pat St. Pierre

Just received an acceptance that one of my photos will be on the cover of Decades Review and a second one will be under the photography section.

Will send link when available.

My flash fiction, "Pennies from Heaven," is now up at Long Story Short.

The Camel Saloon just accepted two of my poems. No publication date yet but will keep the group posted.

My very short flash fiction story, "Blindness," was yesterday's "Story of the Day" at One Forty Fiction. The requirements are a story in only 140 words, including spaces (quite a challenge). There is a place for comments on that page.

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