Monday, March 5, 2012

IWW Members' Publishing Successes

IWW Members had much success in publishing this last week. Congratulations to each one of you! Please, if anyone has inadvertently been left out, contact me:

Best, Judith


Sue Ellis

My short story, “Perception,” is live at Foliate Oak in the new March issue, where I am happy to be among good company from IWW. Thanks so much to Fiction for all the great feedback. I don't usually write romance, but these characters were ripe for it. The location is a fond memory about places that no longer exist. The fishing resort and Bamboo Bobs, a very popular steak, lobster, and booze joint, were torn down years ago. Nothing remains at Idaho's Chat Colet but a little state park, and it's not tellng any tales.

Mira Desai

Granny Smith Magazine features my da Vinci-inspired short story, “Reflections.}
Alice had helped me iron out some of the art-related creases in one of the versions, so a hat tip there, please.

Barb Johnson bumped my memoir to #3 in its Home page -- with a better picture during a TV debate with Romney. (*)

Bill Backstrom

One Forty Fiction recently informed me that seven of my stories have been accepted for publication during the upcoming year, no more than one per month. They rejected twenty-two stories at the same time. It appears I flooded them, but a roughly one in four acceptance rate isn't bad. I will officially yahoo with URL when each is published.

Jack Shakely

My review of Robert K. Fitt's nonfiction "Banzai Babe Ruth," is in the current issue of ForeWord Review ( This is the true, but nonetheless hard to believe story of a group of American major leaguers traveling to Japan in 1934 to spread good will through sports. It didn't work. Boy, did it not work.

Rasana Atreya

The first couple of chapters of my novel, “Tell A Thousand Lies,” was a runner up in The Writing Room 2011 Bursary Competition. “We also particularly enjoyed the work of Caroline Grebbell and Rasana Atreya.”

Clive Warner
Delighted to say that my piece on cold process (artisanal) soap making is out in the EZine Calamity's Corner. (

Mel Jacob

I have the following reviews up at Science Fiction Review (
“The Isis Collar” (Blood Singer) by Cat Adams
“Fair Coin,” by E.C. Myers
“Emperor Mollusk versus The Sinister Brain,” by A. Lee Martinez
“Time and Robbery,” by Rebecca Ore

And at Gumshoe Review (
“Death, Island Style,” by Maggie Toussaint
“Paradise Falls,” by Jonnie Jacobs
“Murder at the Lanterne Rouge,” An Aimee Leduc Investigation, by Cara Black
“Adrift on St. John (Mystery in the Islands,” by Rebecca M. Hale
“Little Shop of Homicide: A Devereaux’s Dimer Store Mystery,” by Denise Swanson
“The Thief, by Fuminori Nakamura
“When Death Intervenes,” by L.C. Hayden

Eric Petersen

My latest book review, a review of “Where There's Smoke... Musings of a Cigarette Smoking Man,” a Memoir By William B. Davis, has been published by The Internet Review Of Books. (

Mark Budman

I am a guest blogger at Debi O'Neille's blog. (

Wayne Scheer

I have two flash stories up at The Valley Scribe, edited by our own Kathy Highcove.  Please scroll to page 12 for my stories, "Turning the Tide" and "The Root of All Evil.”

Pat St. Pierre

My children's short story "Carla, the Little Red Hen" was accepted by Alfie Dog Limited, English publishers. I don't really know anything about them but they're on Duotrope, so I guess that's fine.

I'm not sure when but it will be able to be downloaded and read.

They say that I'll receive small royalties from downloads but I'm not counting on that

A photo of mine "Be Quiet While Walking" is up at A Days Encounter. (

Joanna M. Weston

I've gone digital with 'The Willow Tree Girl'! You'll find it as an eBook at Smashwords

I'm very pleased about this partly because I'm clueless about programming and it took hours/days to get it organized.

Paul Pekin (Covering the AWP Conference)

I saw my own 6000 word short story, “Flight,” in print at the Thin Air table (literary magazine out of Arizona).  I knew it was coming out, but nobody notified me, so now I have a couple of copies.  Editor says they are working on a deal to put Thin Air on the Internet, but I'm not holding my breath.

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