Monday, March 26, 2012

IWW Members' Publishing Successes

IWW members enjoyed another successful week as you can see below. Congratulations to all!

Best, Judith (

Holly Michael

What an awesome day! Crooked Lines, made it to the quarterfinalists for the 2012 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award in General Fiction. Moving on to the next round. Woohoo!

Rebeca Schiller
My blog post, “The Story on That,” was reposted on Deb O'Neille's blog:

Mel Jacob

This is as much for Gayle Surrette as me. I get a real charge when I receive an ARC with a quote from one of my reviews (no mention of my name, just the website:). It's now happened several times and by authors I've never met.  I'll take what I can get. Of course, these were mostly favorable reviews.

Peggy Vincent

Today, Dew on the Kudzu released my story, “The Lights of Summer,” about lightning bugs in North Carolina. No payment, but this piece has been rattling around my files going nowhere
for about 5 yrs, so WTH.

Thanks to Sarah Morgan who posted the e-zine was seeking submissions with a southern theme.

Pat St. Pierre

My poem "Endless Rain" (changed to "Dark Days") which was critiqued by the group has been selected as a finalist in the current 15th Mattia International Poetry Contest. The contest is still going on but they select finalists until the contest ends. Go to enter contest, then competition rules, then post poems on board. You'll see the list of entered poems. If you click on finalists then you'll see that list. Thanks to all who helped with it.

A Day's Encounter has a poem of mine, “The Mirror.”
Wayne Scheer

My short story, “Doing Penance,” has been accepted for a future issue of Abandoned Towers Magazine. (

My three-line poem, “False Gods,” has been published in the anthology, Three Line Poetry.

Here's a Yahoo I'm particularly happy with, although there's no money involved. The Feathered Flounder has accepted my story, “The First Day,” for their next issue due out in May. The story was recently critiqued in Fiction and was originally written as a series of flashes in Practice about a recently retired man and his daughter, who just had her first child.  The Feathered Flounder targets writers over the age of sixty, a familiar demographic for me.  The editor is enthusiastic and a pleasure to work with. And he's looking for more fiction and nonfiction submission. (

Joanna M. Weston

Three poems up at Joyful, scroll down and, hopefully, enjoy:

Margaret (Marge) Hamill

Today I received confirmation that my article, “Home Delivery in the Late 30's/Early 40's,” will be published in the January/February issue of Michigan History Magazine. If you Google Michigan History Magazine you will be able to read a couple articles online, but not the entire mag. My article, coming out in Jan/Feb issue, will be under the heading, “Remember the Time.” It is a feature for memoirs of early times in Michigan

Holly Michael

I'm a guest author on Deb O'Neille's blog today on the topic of Ghostwriting at

Barry Basden

Prick of the Spindle has published, “Benny Goodman Once Played Moonglow Just for Her.”
Thanks to everyone who helped with this one

My e-book, Tell a Thousand Lies, was published on Amazon March 9.
Twenty-four sales to date. Didn't realize I had that many friends and family. :) Paperback should be out in a month. I have been lucky to get some terrific reviews, one of them from our own Holly Michael.

Fate works in a strange way sometimes. Two different websites feature me as
the guest blogger today. “The Birth of a Novelist.” The topic should produce a thousand interesting stories. I've pinpointed mine in two different ways. The first feature is on our own Deb Oneiille from novels-L:

The second is a young writer from California:

Sue Ellis

“The General and Me,” is up at Prick of the Spindle. Thanks so much to fiction for helping with this non-fiction story.

Peggy Vincent

Dew on the Kudzu has published, “The Lights of Summer,” about lightning bugs in North Carolina. Thanks to Sarah Morgan who posted that they were seeking submissions for essays with a southern theme.

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