Monday, April 2, 2012

IWW Members' Publishing Successes

Another successful publishing week for IWW members. Congratulations one and all.


Wayne Scheer

An old short story of mine, “Moving Forward,” is up at Infective Ink.

“Beach Fantasy,” a flash, is up at Absinthe Revival.  I'm trying my best to get into a summery mood.

Two of my flash stories, begun in Practice, are up at Flash Fiction World,
“Elementary School Musical,” and “Chandra's Room.”

Pat St. Pierre

My children's modern day fairy tale, “The Cat in the Castle,” has been accepted by Alfie Dog Limited. It will be available for downloading the middle of May. This is the third story ADF has accepted.

A poem and a photo to go along with it will appear in the April issue of Front Porch Review.
Will send link when available.

My black and white photo, “Skeleton Tree,” is in Issue 3 of Decades Review (under photography) w   

The Feathered Flounder just accepted my 2,000 word short story, “The Church's Secret,” for their volume II edition

Francene Stanley
My article, “Enjoy Your Achievement As Well As Your plans,” is up at Montana Scribbler.

Mona, very cleverly, saved a post I made here last month about how my writing partner, Edith Parzefall, and I got together, and asked me to tweak it to highlight the Internet Writing Workshop. I hope I’ve done a good job in showing other writers how beneficial it is to join.

Sue Ellis

Just received word that Foliate Oak is including my short romance, “Perception,” in their annual print anthology (published in May). The story is currently up at Foliate Oak, where it at first had formatting problems which have since been ironed out. So if anyone tried to read it and thought, 'what the heck' and gave up, it's fixed.

Joanna M. Weston

My children's book, Berry and the Birthday Band, is now available as a freebie at Smashwords. It's for 3-6 year-olds, fun to make all the noises in the right places!

4 poems up at 7Beats Here and Now
Scroll way, way down and you'll find them. With many thanks to the Poetry List for their help with at least one of these.

Jack Shakely

My review of, Half Blood Blues, is up today on The Internet Review of Books

Barry Basden

The lit pub,, has published, “Used Rainbows.” Thanks to everyone who helped with it.

Guilie Castillo

Fiction 365 just accepted another short piece of mine, “Faithless,” which started as a Practice exercise a loooong time ago. Glad this one found a home. Publication will be at a later date. I'll send a heads-up when it's ready. Thanks to everyone who helped with this one!

Tom Mahoney

My mini chapbook, “Dead Glass,” was just released from Folded Word

Kareen W. McCabe

I was just interviewed by Lee-Ann Graff-Vinson regarding, The Dragon’s Call, the book I'm working on with the help of Novels-L.

Bill Backstrom

OneFortyFiction is running my 140 character story, “Alice,” today. I later turned this into a poem.

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