Monday, April 16, 2012

Our Members' Publishing Successes

Another good week for IWW members. Congratulations to all for their latest publishing successes.


Sue Ellis

My review of, The Getaway, is up at IRB.

Jassy McKenzie

A quick yahoo for my fourth novel, The Fallen, which has just launched in the US and Canada. It received a starred review from Publishers Weekly, and is currently number one in World Literature: African on I am so thrilled about this. Although The Fallen was not subbed on Novels-L, the first in the series - Random Violence - was. This book was subsequently accepted by a South African publisher and a UK agent, and a couple of years later, was taken on
by Soho Press in the USA.

Barb Johnson

I was interviewed on James "Jake" Shannon's radio show (KTKK, Utah, am 630 K-Talk) on Wednesday, 4/11 at 3:15 PM (EST) or 1:15 (MST) about my books. Here is the audio tape of the interview:
The first few minutes on the tape is the recording of the show preceding Jake's show.  When you hear a man's voice, the interview will begin momentarily.

Wayne Scheer

If you're feeling good on this fine Spring day, I have three depressing flash pieces up at Slit your Wrists to help temper your euphoria.  I even found an appropriately moody photo of myself to go with the stories. (

Mira Desai

I’m delighted to announce publication of my poem, “Spring,” in 7 beats.

Pat St. Pierre

Touch, A Journal of Healing, has accepted my poem, “November Afternoon,” for their fall issue. I’ll provide the link at that time.

My photo and poem, “Maturity,” has been published by Front Porch Review, under poetry.

Joanna M. Weston

Photo up on the Postcards page at The Camel Saloon

This is a great week: I've a poem, “Two worlds,” up at Front Porch Review.

Paul Stenquist

I've been a regular contributor to the NY Times for a couple of years now, so a yahoo is rarely called for. But I devoted many long days to a review of a UCS electric car research project, the first definitive study of electric-vehicle greenhouse-gas emissions. It's certainly the most important project I've undertaken for that publication  it runs in the paper tomorrow and is up on the web now:

Carter Jefferson

My review of "Unsinkable"--the story of the Titanic. which you probably already know sank 100 years ago today:

Edith Parzefall

Since I co-authored four books of a post-apocalyptic fantasy series together with Francene Stanley, I wrote an article on co-writing for our own Montana Scribbler:

The first book in the series should be released next month.

Jeanette W Smith

If you have not overdosed on blogs just yet, then:

Bob Sanchez

I have a guest post on Kareen McCabe’s blog: “Ten Tips to Make Your Manuscript Shine.”

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