Monday, May 14, 2012

IWW Members' Publishing Successes

Another week rolls by. Congratulations to IWW members on these latest successes.
Please, if I’ve left anyone off, contact me.

Best, Judith


G. K. Adams

My flash fiction, “The View from Gibraltar,” is up at Every Day Fiction. Though it was not critiqued here, I have no doubt it benefited from the help I received from the Fiction List. 

I yahoo-ed about a week ago when Every Day Fiction published, “The View from Gibraltar.”  Now a website based in Gibraltar has posted a link to the story.  I thought that was too cool and so I have to yahoo again!  Here's that site's address,
It has some neat monkey pix.

Wayne Scheer

Just got back from a week away and discovered that my story, “What the Moon
Sees,” went up at Everyday Fiction while I was gone. Here's the link to the story: 

Mona Leeson Vanek

The print copies of The River Journal, May 2012 issue, hit the stands yesterday, and today the online story, “The Montana Scribbler has History at her Fingertips,”  is here:

Take a bow, you IWW NonFiction Critters who polished my interview Sub! The interview would never be as wonderful without your help. Thanks again to each of you.

Pat St. Pierre

Just received an acceptance from Fifty Word Story. No word yet on what the publication date will be.

Lynne Hinkey

Marina Melee is one of the books featured on Jennifer Kilby's new website:
Click on Guest Authors - I'm honored to be in the good company of Edith and Francene ("Wind Over Troubles Waters") and Peter Bernhardt ("The Stasi File").

Edith Parzefall

Yahoo! Today, Wind Over Troubled Waters and I are guests at Pat MacDermott’s wonderful book blog: If you leave a comment, you can win a free copy of the e-book.

Mel Jacob

Almost hesitant to post this--you folks must be tired of hearing from me. Anyway, resold the rights to Train to Yesterday to etopia. No pub date yet.

Paul Pekin

My short story, “Running With The Devil Dog,” has just been published by the Mochila Review. It is not on line but you can purchase a subscription for seven dollars at the address below.  Just be sure you have them start you with the current issue. Thanks to all who critiqued this story last year on the fiction list.

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