Monday, June 4, 2012

IWW Members' Publishing Successes

Congratulations, everyone for these latest publishing successes!


Pat St. Pierre

My story, “She Needed Money,” is up at As most of you know, the story only has 50 words, a challenge at best.

Mel Jacob

Beyond the Rim of Light by Alex Stone (Nell  DuVall and Steven Riddle) is up at Melange Books  ( ) and  Lulu   
(  and will be on Amazon and B&N soon.

Also a blog is up at: by me as a guest on editing: what is and why it matters. Drop in and leave a comment. 

I have the following book reviews up at
Broken Universe by Paul Melko
Judgment at Proteus (Frank Compton) by Timothy Zahn
Wind Over Troubled Waters by Francene Stanley and Edith Parzefall

I also have the following book review up at
When the Past Haunts You (Volume 5) by L.C. Hayden

Bob Sanchez

My flash fiction, “You Can't Be Too Careful,” appears in The Corner Cafe, a collection of short stories:

Lynne Hinkey

Marina Melee is #2 on the Underground Book Review's Summer Reading List!
Thank you all for your support and votes - much appreciated!

Jacquelynn Rasmenia Massoud

Underground Voices has published my short fiction piece, “Setting the Remains,” in their June issue, which is now online:

Thanks to the fiction list for helping me tweak this one. I first submitted to UV in 2007 & finally got an acceptance, so now I'm off to chase some other white whale. There seems to be a few of them.

Pat St. Pierre

My photo, “Spring Pink,” is included in the print copy of Touch, a Journal of Healing in the May issue and is also on line. Look under ‘titles’ and click when you come to “Spring Pink.”

Jennifer Killby

The Legend of the Travelers: Willow's Journey has finally been published. It's available on in paperback. The Kindle Version will be coming soon.

Edith Parzefall

Cooks English Novels with Exotic Seasoning at

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