Monday, June 25, 2012

IWW Members' Publishing Successes

Here are the latest successes enjoyed by IWW members. Congratulations, everyone!



Bill Backstrom

OneForty Fiction ran my 140 character short story, “Buyer's Remorse, on June 11th.

Jan Bridgeford-Smith

The first of my two-part article series, “Route 20 Revisited,” was just published in the summer issue of Plank Road Magazine, a regional publication in Central New York with an estimated readership of 35,000. Part 2 will appear in the magazine's fall edition. 

Mark Budman

My story, “The Dairy of the Salaryman,” critiqued here eons ago, was subsequently published as a podcast at Bound Off, then republished in a flash fiction anthology, will be included in the upcoming tenth edition of the Bedford/St. Martin’s textbook, The Bedford Introduction to Literature.

I put my novel, Time Fighters: The Shifter Prince, (critiqued here) for promotion today, and it's now among the 126 best free books.

Edith Parzefall and Francene Stanley

Jennifer Donohoe posted a great review of Wind Over Troubled Waters and interviewed us. But, hey, that's not all. Wind Over Troubled Waters won the fantastic, cute, Fairy Wonderful Book Award! :-)

Rasana Atreya

A friend from St. Louis, Missouri messaged me on FB to tell me she saw my novel, Tell A Thousand Lies, in the public library. I'm pretty pleased. :-)

Joanna M. Weston

Four poems up at Ken*Again! I'm really pleased about this as you can imagine.http://ken*

Sue Ellis

Mused just put their summer solstice issue online. I have two poems up, beginning with , “Out and About.” Hit the forward button the poem page three time and the next poem, “Running on Air, will come up.

Wayne Scheer

An old flash story, “Making Her Shot,” is up at Apollo's Lyre.
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I also just received a copy of the print edition of
Big Pulp's Summer Edition.  My flash, “Upon Reflection,” is in it.  This is the site for the Summer Edition, but my story isn't available online.

Pat St. Pierre

Ken*Again will publish my poem "Noises in the Night" in their fall issue. Will publish link then

Holly Michael

Cindy Dwyer

I'd like to thank Mona for inviting me to guest blog on her site, Montana Scribbler. She saw my DISC thread last week on inexpensive promotion ideas and thought her readers would appreciate the information. This worked out great for both of us, as I am currently trying to build my platform. You can see the full post on her site at Or Tiny Url:

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