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IWW Members' Publishing Successes

Here are the latest successes enjoyed by IWW members. Congratulations to all!


A note re: Susan S. Miller

A Yahoo went out last May for Susan’s poem, “Comin' Up Short,” which was to be read on May 4, on Accents - A Radio Show for Literature, Art and Culture (WRFL, 88.1 FM Lexington, KY). Because the reading was delayed for a week, the new date and URL did not get posted to the blog. Because it’s never to late to celebrate a Yahoo, be sure and visit Scroll down to Archives. Click on May 11, and enjoy listening to Susan’s wonderful poem.

Jan Bridgeford-Smith

Hey folks--here's how my article, “George's Republic: The Mouse That Roared,” begins:
George Appo could have been a poster boy for the movie, Gangs of New York. He was a pickpocket, swindler, and... son of a “murdering lunatic.”  He grew-up in the infamous Chinatown and Five Points’ slums where...residents lined the alleyways with...boards to keep their feet out of the excrement.’” His journey through the seamy underworld he
called home could be traced by the scars on his body... Read the rest of this story in the June/July issue of History Magazine. The publication is available for purchase at most Barnes & Noble stores, by subscription on the mag's website, History Magazine or through B&N, Amazon, etc.
Single copy downloads at the itunes store, or for Android devices

Tamara Pratt

My crime short story, “Saving my Butterfly,” (which I think I subbed here) featured June 26 on Narrator Australia.

Wayne Scheer

An old story of mine, “Call Me Marty,” has been accepted at Fiction 365. It'll be online at a future date.(

Mel Jacobs

I now have in my hot little hands, my print copies of Beyond the Rim of Light, a 20 year effort from inception to print. The book is available at:
A review is up on Lulu by an IWW member and several more will be soon. It's still between 4-6 weeks before it shows up on Amazon and other e-book sites.
Some of the mystery reviews were done last (May) before the publisher changed release dates.
The Wanderers (Veiled Isles Trilogy) by Paula Brandon War Maid's Choice (War God) by David Weber Baen
A Class on Murder: A Ronnie Raven Mystery by K.B. Gibson
Beef Stolen-Off (A Clueless Cook Mystery) by Liz Lipperman
Death of a Second Wife: Dotsy Lamb Travel Mystery by Maria Hudgins
Hard Currency: Post-communist Mystery by Steven Owad
Haunted (A Lexie Starr Mystery) by Jeanne Gildewell
The Last Temptation by Gerrie Ferris Finger
St. Rose Goes Hawaiian by Annette Mahon
The Wrath of Shiva: An Anita Ray Mystery by Susan Oleksiw

Bob White
My mystery novel, Body in the Lake, was given the Saille's Fairy Wonderful Book Award. I know it’s not as big as the Edgar, but it is an award. Check it out at
Sarah Corbett Morgan

My short nonfiction essay, “Death Comes Calling,” appears in the inaugural issue of Blue Lyra Review. This little prose poem stemmed from the death of my father this past April. Many thanks to Nonfiction-L for edits and suggestions that helped make it stronger. Editors, Matthew Silverman and Adrienne Ross, are great to work with, and just look at the company I'm keeping; Marge Piercy is one of my all-time favorite poets… and Lyn Lifshin, Wow, I am very humbled and a very, very happy.

Adrienne Ross Scanlan

Blue Lyra Review launches this weekend, and the magazine is my first time out as a nonfiction editor. So I hope that qualifies as a yo-hoop for both Sarah and I. We're putting the final touches on the essays and poems now, although happily Sarah's was one of the first to go up.

For issue two,
Blue Lyra Review will be looking for non-fiction, poetry and also fiction, as well as photos and artwork.

Sue Ellis

Up today at Internet Review of Books, check out my review, “Bay and Her Boys.” Bay Buchanan, former Treasurer of the United States, has written a training manual for single moms, a charming, down-to-earth look at the survival tactics that worked for her and her three sons.

Pat St. Pierre

Two photos of mine. An old car and fishermen on a boat, up at Decades Review issue IV under photo. I'm not too pleased with the car photo as I sent a much clearer one but the editor selected the one that appears.

Francene Stanley

Rick's latest blog features my take on how Edith and I wrote a series of books together. I also talk about how one plot leads to another.

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