Monday, July 9, 2012

IWW Members' Publishing Successes

Congratulations to these members for their most recent publishing successes.

Best, Judith


Ellen Kombiyil

My poem, “Amelia, Landing,” has been published in the one year anniversary issue of Unshod Quills:

For each issue, the editors assign themes. It was a happy coincidence that the editors were looking for Earhart themed work, and I just happened to have one lying around.

Bob Sanchez

Kareen McCabe graciously invited me to guest post on her blog. Please check it out and leave a comment at Then explore the rest of her blog. She does good work.

Jennifer Killby

The Legend of the Travelers: Willow's Journey, was featured on A. D. Trosper's blog. You can check it out at

MT Scribbler has me as a guest blogger on her site today. You can check it out at
Thanks so much for the opportunity MT!

Mira Desai

Flashes in the Dark has published my story set in Japiur, a city of palaces and gems. In an earlier version, I’d left the tale open ended. Ambiguous. Perhaps this slant works better. Perhaps. 

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