Monday, July 23, 2012

IWW Members' Publishing Successes

Congratulations to our Internet Writing Workshop members who found publishing successes this past week.



Bob White

Had two book signings this past weekend. One at the local library had me do a ‘dog and pony show,’ which generated good interest and - drum roll please - Good sales. Yea! Check it out on my Facebook page--

Wayne Scheer

Long Story Short will publish my nonfiction piece, “The Salesman,” in their September issue.

My poem, “For Saundra's Children,” is up at New Verse News.  They publish a current events poem as often as possible. ( 

Another poem, “Keeping the Earth in Orbit,” has been accepted at Long Story Short for their August issue. 
Whortleberry Press will publish my story, “A Seabolt Family Christmas,” in their upcoming anthology, I.  They also print Strange Mysteries, Strange Halloween, etc. and they pay $10 a story.  Although they  bill themselves as preferring science fiction, fantasy and horror, they define  those genres loosely. ( 

Big Pulp newsletter announces my story, “Upon Reflection,” will appear in Big Pulp’s Summer 2012 issue.

Sue Ellis

The third issue of Muscle and Blood, a print journal, has been released. My poem, “The Woodsman,” critiqued at Fiction last summer, appears there.

Mel Jacob

When Lilacs Bloom, by Nell DuVall got a great review today.

Loretta Carrico Russell

My latest book review is up at Internet Review of Books. It's a great book on motherhood -- of a horse.

Ellen Kombiyil

It's a happy day when I have two yahoos to announce. It was a long wait of almost a year, but well worth it. I received my copy of Feathertale's Big Book of Exquisitely Egregious Poetry and Diverse Versification and So Forth and Such, which is an anthology of the best 50 poems from the first five years of the Feathertale Review. I'm so pleased my poem, “After Drinking Too Much Wine,” made the cut. The Feathertale Review publishes fiction, poetry and cartoons, but only humorous pieces. Second, I'm pleased to report that my poem, “Kurt Cobain in the Vegas Afterlife,” is up at Red Booth Review:
They are accepting poetry and artwork for this current issue, "The Celebrity Issue," so if you have anything to send them, please do. The editor's response to my submission made my day: “LOVE IT! Will appear today.”

Joanna M. Weston

Nothing like coming back from holiday and finding a few poems have been published:
one at The Quotable
another at Ascent Aspirations Magazine
one at Gutter Eloquence Magazine
two at Hudson View, but I couldn't open them, and one, in print, at Feathertale’s Big Book of Exquisitely Egregious Poetry... and two from my book. A Summer Father, (scroll down) at Jennifer Killby's website, I'm particularly grateful to Jennifer for allowing me to participate in her site, thank you, Jennifer!
Unbelievably happy I am:-)

Big Pulp newsletter announced my “Poems for Monday,” will appear in Big Pulp’s Summer 2012 issue.

Mark Budman

Sonora Review reviewed Time Fighters: The Shifter Prince.
Budman's sentences are active and momentous, but he regularly offers the reader refreshing strokes of humor, which gives the illusion of dilated tension, though when the action returns, you realize it never let you go in the first place.”

Walter Ramsay

The first review for Coastal Access has now been posted. Check it out at                         

An excerpt from Coastal Access appears
Thanks, Jennifer for posting on your site.

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