Monday, July 30, 2012

IWW Members' Publishing Successes

Please join me in congratulating these IWW members who enjoyed publishing success over the last week.


Tom Mahoney

My essay on self-employment is up at The Inertia. Perhaps all writers can relate .

My story, “Coast Live Oak,” is up at Thousand Shades of Gray:

Mona Leeson Vanek

Fan letters continue to arrive long after books are published, proof that people enjoy books years after they are out-of-print. A recent fan letter written in Old English Script, is the most unique fan letter, and book order, I've received since Behind These Mountains, Vol. 1 became available in November, 1982. The letter writer is elderly, with a wealth of history included in the letter which ends with, 'I would honor you, by just outright buying a 3 volume set.... bound of course...yer'a good read... and I mite add, yer folk's ˜ad a heckava sense of humor.....naming you sech!'
Walter Ramsay

As the reviews for Coastal Access start to come in, I'm very pleased that the novel is being so well accepted. Many thanks, to all of you who took the time to crit. Coastal Access while it was in the development stage. I am told by many that this installment of the Tucker Lee Anderson series is better than the first, Beneath The Dune, and as many of you know, that novel did and is still doing quite well. Latest independent review can be seen here:    

Mark Budman

Kirkus Review re-issued the review of my book, “My Life at First Try.”

Adrienne Ross Scanlan

My essay, “Some Thoughts on Turtles,” appears in the 2012 Platte Valley Review's Forces of Nature special issue.

Lara Kairos

My short erotic romance story, “Days of Moloch,” has been published in an
Xcite Books anthology, Past Pleasures, both in digital and print. The anthology is also available on Amazon.

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