Monday, August 27, 2012

IWW Members' Publishing Successes

Please join me in offering congratulations to these IWW members for their latest publishing successes.



Jack Shakely

Here's a little yahoo for my most recent book review in the Los Angeles Review of Books.

Selvage by Nell DuVall, a murder mystery is out today. Copies are available from Melange Books ( and Lulu. PDF is also available and e-book will be shortly: A bank scam, a series of accidents that end as murders, and police too  ready to accept simple explanations for deaths push freelance writer Brooke  Beldon and systems programmer Paul Counts ever deeper into a tangled  conspiracy. The only clue they have to the first death is the name of a  sleazy strip club. 

Holly Michael

I discovered I’d been granted a Seven Things About Me award from Yvonne at Misifusa’s blog. She’s a breast cancer survivor, who blogs about life being about the now, not the past, not the future. Thank you so much for the award! Please visit Yvonne’s inspiring blog at the Presents of Presence.

Ellen Lindquist

My prose poem, “The Fallen Flower,” was accepted by The Prose Poem Project, edited by Ellen Clay. This is a visually beautiful, well-edited e-mag that appears first online and then is collected in print format. Not only does it feature new prose poems, but also has reviews and a Recent Examples page that serves as an excellent introduction to the form. For anyone who wants to submit: The next reading period will occur October 1 through December 31, 2012.

Ramona Forrest

Black Opal has just accepted the sixth book from me and is interested in 2 more.  A big Yahoo to the group (Novels-L). I joined it at the request of Black Opal’s Lauri Wellington (Acquisitions Editor) who has great respect for the results of this group of writers. I agree as I have learned a lot.

Joanna M. Weston

Norman Cooper

After languishing in obscurity since 2009, mainly due to inconsistent activity, one of my recent blog posts was selected by the editors of to be "Freshly Pressed". My blog post, along with 18 other posts, will be showcased on the blog's home page today. The tagline on the Freshly Pressed page states: The best of *383,946* bloggers, *1,028,638* new posts, *1,234,639*comments, & *267,406,199* words posted today on
You can read the post at this Wordpress short link

Wayne Scheer

An old story of mine, critiqued in Fiction, "Call Me Marty," is up at Fiction365.  This site publishes a story a day and pays $10.
Five short poems about autumn, "Five for Autumn," and a slightly longer one, "Almost Autumn," will be in the autumn edition of Mused: Bella Literary Review


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