Monday, September 10, 2012

IWW Members' Publication Successes

Another week gone, but the publishing goes on. Please join me in congratulating our members latest publishing successes.


Joanna M. Weston

Two poems, “A book called ‘Poems,’ and “Embarkation,” from my book, A Summer Father, up at  just scroll down.

My poem, “She's Fourteen,” is up at Long Story Short. Scroll down quite a long way, it's there!

Wayne Scheer

Cynic Magazine has published my flash, “Dancing for the Wizard,” ahead of schedule.  It can be read at

On the Premise hosted a min-contest last month where they asked for a story under fifty words using color in an innovative way.  They received 68 entries.  The first three received monetary prizes.  Mine came in fourth.  No money, just fame.  Sigh. But they did publish it.

William Bartlett

My monthly column, this month entitled, “Wind Chimes,” is available online at KCPARENT.COM This column is published each month in KC Parent Magazine as the, “A Word from Dad,” feature.  The site can be a little tricky to navigate.  I normally tell people to use the site search feature with either my name, Bartlett, or the feature name, “A Word from Dad.” BTW, both of my young sons suffer from autism spectrum disorder, which is why I refer to them as ‘very special’ in this column.

Sue Ellis

I'm up today, with musings from Eight Days in March.

Mel Jacob

The Train to Yesterday, a time travel romance by Nell DuVall, is now available online as an ebook. An old train car takes a young woman into the past and to the love of her life if she survives. This is somewhat faster paced than the original print version. It's available on some sites now and should appear on Amazon and B&N within the next day or two.

I also got my print copies of Selvage. Love that cover.

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Congratulations to all!

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