Monday, October 8, 2012

IWW Members' Publishing Successes

The list keeps growing! Please join me in congratulating the following IWW members for their publishing successes over the past week.



Mira Desai

Delighted to announce publication of a story on Pureslush for their Virtualism theme: OR

Hats off to the Practice group, as always.

Judith Welpman (writing as Christina Cole)

Secret Cravings Publishing has accepted my historical romance, Happily Ever After, for both e-publishing and print. It is scheduled for online release in April and will be available in print in October 2013. Irresistible, another historical romance, is available as an e-book now, and is scheduled for print next month.  
Both novels began with NaNoWriMo. In other words... if you've never done NaNo before, give it a shot! If you've done it in the past, do it again. Let yourself go and enjoy the unleashed  creativity it provides.

Mel Jacob

A review that just missed getting into last week’s yahoos:
Murder in Geneva by D-L Nelson

The .99 cent ebook of Corpulent Chiroteran, by Nell DuVall, is up at Amazon just in time for Halloween. A humorous story of a naive, portly vampire.

Ellen Achilles Kombiyil
Hi everyone! I'm thrilled to share that my recently published poem, “Letter to the Gods of the L&D Ward,” has been nominated for a Best of the Net Award! What an honor!
Bill Backstrom
My flash short, “Mommy and Santa,” is up today on OneFortyFiction.
Here it is if you can't follow the link: Mommy And Santa I saw Mommy kiss Santa. He grabbed his pants and ran when Dad got home. I’ll bet I get lots of toys because Santa likes Mommy’s cookies.
Wayne Scheer
My story, “The Cat's Pajamas,” written from a dog's point of view, won the September Whidby Students Fiction Contest and a prize of $50.  It's a monthly contest sponsored by the MFA program at Northwest Institute of Fine Arts.  The story is up at their home page.
My flash, “Serving the Man,” is up at Bartleby Snopes.  No money; just fame.
Both of these stories were written with the Practice group, so I owe them my gratitude--but I ain't sharing the fifty bucks.
The money keeps rolling in.  Whortleberry Press just accepted my story, “A Seabolt Family Christmas,” in exchange for ten bucks.  I'm earning so much money, I won't be making public more than two years of my tax forms.
Kareen McCabe

Celebrating the release of The Dragon's Call - thanks to all you IWW members who critted and encouraged! Feel free to join in here for prizes, games, and fun :)

Bob Sanchez

My 72nd review of When Pigs Fly, is the best I could ever ask for:

Edith Parzefall

Kareen is hosting me today (Oct. 7) on her blog as I give some tips on how to create distinct voices for characters. Check it out if you're interested.

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