Monday, December 3, 2012

IWW Members' Publishing Successes

Jeannette de Beauvoir

So I just learned that the second in the Irene Adler mystery series, Assignment: Robin Hood, will come out next year from Echelon Press.

I also have a February 1st pub. date for the first in the Trinity Pierce mystery series, Murder Most Academic, from Mainly Murder Press.

A third yahoo—not for a mystery, this time—is in the works but I'm not permitted to announce it yet. But all in all it looks like 2013 will be good for me!

Joanna M. Weston

Two poems up at A Day's Encounter. “On the bus,” with many thanks for the Poetry List's help with this one.

And one, “A Winter Witch,” up at the Camel Saloon

And another, “Gone Missing,” at the Camel Saloon.

Jacquelynn Rasmenia Massoud

Crack the Spine has published my story, “Questions Crawling Past,” in their current issue, which is now online: Thank you to everyone on the fiction list who gave me some help with this one - especially the insectophobes who read all the way to the end in spite of the skittering & crawling.

Mira Desai

My story's up on Pure Slush this fine morning (11-27-12). A salute to the Practice group, this one began there.

Ann Hite

Interview on blogtalkradio's, Away With Words, 11-28, to discuss my novel, Ghost on Black Mountain and to talk a little about my new novel, The Storycatcher.

Barbara C. Johnson
Interview on the Bo & Rocco show,11-28,10PM-midnight.
My book, Behind the Black Robes: Failed Justice, will be the subject. Callers with questions welcomed.

Sue Ellis

Due to a hole in the universe, a couple us at The Internet Review of Books turned in a review for the same book. Once the duplication had been discovered, and in light of the fact that one review had already been published at IRB (yes, I'm the slowpoke), Gary Presley generously offered to publish my version on his blog.

Rasana Atreya

My novel, Tell A Thousand Lies, made Diane Ledet's Top 10 Books of 2012. I'm honored.
Chioma Iwunze

My short story, “Lover Boy,” was published on Litmag. I'm thrilled!

Wayne Scheer

My story, “Space Cadet,” has been accepted at Everyday Fiction to be published at a later date.  That puts me three dollars closer to my writing goal of earning enough money to buy a tankful of gas.

Patricia L. Johnson

Foliate Oak accepted five of my poems for an upcoming winter issue. They like stories and poems that are slightly quirky, with original subjects.
Southern Women's Review accepted two of my poems for their online 2013 issue themed on food. Next year's theme is still to be determined.

Mel Jacob

Latest Book Reviews:
The Hermetic Millennia by John C. Wright
Knights In Dark Leather: Book Two Of The Higher Ground Series by Francene Stanley and Edith Parzefall
Cruising in Your Eighties is Murder (Paul Jacobson) by Mike Befeler
The Sign of the Weeping Virgin by Alana White
Taxed to the Max by Cheryl B. Dale
Whacked! A Romantic Suspense by Amy Corwin
Rick Bylina

Jennifer Killby features my latest book,
All of Our Secrets, on her blog as a guest author.

Adrienne Ross Scanlan

In Praise of Weeds (Sort of),” is part of Orange County Almanac and Other Essays, an ebook anthology published by Cultura21 and WOLFoundation.

Drops of Water,” appears in the new anthology, Daring to Repair: What Is It,
Who Does It & Why? (Wising Up Press)

Bob Sanchez

A friend published an anthology of stories centered in Lowell, Mass., and I'm honored to be a contributor. But that friend published it six months ago and just got around to telling me in passing the other day. I sprung for the Kindle version. Long story short, there are no links in the table of contents, making it the very devil to navigate. I won't mention the title unless/until he adds links.

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