Monday, June 3, 2013

IWW Members' Publishing Successes

Joanna M. Weston

A poem, “Triumphant Day,” up at Birds by my window, in the right hand column and scroll down.

Four poems up at 7Beats Here and Now, about half-way down, just keep scrolling ... below the photo of a canal and cafes ... a varied four.

Five haiku in the Dos Gatos Press anthology, Lifting the sky, a gorgeous publication.

poem, “Six ways of doing,” in the print edition of Stoneboat. Many thanks to the Poetry List for help with this one.

Margaret Frey

My flash, “I Have a Dream,” hit the Everyday Fiction site a couple days ago.
Another at Flash Fiction Online, “Bringing Jamie Home.”  Thanks to everyone who read and made comments during the early stages of the writing.

Julie Harthill Clayton

My review of the play, “Beauty Queen of Leenane,” is now live at Gay RVA.

My latest review for Queer Books with Julie at Gay RVA, is now live:

Florence Cardinal

My novel, Snow Demon, set within the winter wilderness of northern Alberta, tells the story of Daniel Lavasseur, a reclusive artist who carries the mutated gene of loup garou.

Jack Shakely

My book review of Mingus Speaks is in this quarter's edition of ForeWord Reviews. What a weird cat he was.

Wayne Scheer

A Night on Harvey's Couch,” has been accepted at Pure Slush for their June/Personal Space issue.

Annabelle,” has been accepted at Pear Tree Press's magazine, The Literary Hatchet, scheduled for a later date.

Three Generations,” has been accepted at Infective Ink.  It's also scheduled for a date to be announced.

Harvey's Couch,” began in Practice and “Anabelle,” and “Three Generations,” were critiqued in Fiction.

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