Monday, September 16, 2013

IWW Members' Publishing Successes

Barbara C. Johnson

My new article, The Nightmare Continues: the SSA, Treasury Department, and IRS, is now up at PRonlinenews.

Joanna M. Weston

I've a fun poem about a tiger up at the CamelSaloon.

Bob Sanchez

Author Stephen Tremp hosted me on his blog. My post is about Amazon reviews.

Wayne Scheer

My humor piece, “A Four Step Approach to Nude Sunbathing,” is up at TheYellow Ham.

My poem, “Every Wednesday,” about the classic poetic subject of garbage pick-up, has been accepted at Camel Saloon, a good place for ‘odd’ poems.  The editor responds promptly and seems like a good guy.  A date hasn't been chosen yet for publication.

Pure Slush has accepted my humor piece, “Prophlactica?”about my stay in The Republic of Georgia for their upcoming travel issue.

Skive Magazine, after ten years, is calling it quits with stories built around the theme of Farewell.  They have accepted my flash, “Saying Goodbye to Uncle Lester,” for their final issue to be published in November.

Finally, a paying gig.  ($10 is something.)  Whortleberry Press has accepted my story, “Night Music,” for their upcoming Halloween anthology.

Behlor Santi

Another one of my Women's eNews stories is up.

Mira Desai

Delighted to announce publication of two stories on Star 82 Review. Alisa Golden, the Editor, is great to work with.

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