Monday, September 23, 2013

IWW Members' Publishing Successes

Theresa Cancro

A haiku of mine has been accepted for publication in the December 2013 issue of A Hundred Gourds.

Mel Jacob

My short Christmas story, sort of a riff on O.Henry's, “Gift of the Magi,” was accepted. When I have pub info, I'll post. It's called, “The Three Gifts of Christmas.”

Judith Welpman (writing as Christina Cole)

My historical romance, Not the Marrying Kind, (Colorado Territory, 1872) has been accepted by Secret Cravings Publishing for release in January 2014. It will appear in e-book format first and will be available as a paperback a few months later.
This will be my fifth title released by Secret Cravings/Sweet Cravings Publishing. 

Edith Parzefall
My translation of Kathrin Brückmann's psychological suspense short story, “2:17: Eyes in the Dark,” from German into English has been released.

Wayne Scheer

My poem, “Every Wednesday,” is up at Camel Saloon.

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