Monday, September 9, 2013

IWW Members' Publishing Successes

Lynne Hinkey

My review of The Science Writers' Handbook is up at the Internet Review of Books.

William Bartlett

My September column is up at in the, Word from Dad feature.  This month, it's entitled, “The Dad Manual,” and is also available in print in KC Parent magazine

Margaret Frey

My short, “Flight of Imagination,” will appear in Stinging Fly's Flash Fiction Showcase, spring 2014.  Stinging Fly is an Irish print journal published 3x a year.  They offer a token payment [publisher's discretion] and copies of the journal. There's a write up/interview on the publication here.

Sue Ellis

Acceptance, along with a check, for an essay sent to GreenPrints, a new print gardening magazine. If you want to throw your writing hat into the ring, the submission guidelines are here.

Judy Howard

It's here! Coast To Coast With a Cat and a Ghost - Audio Book The narrator, Anne Johnstonbrown, has given this book a thumbs up! The narration is excellent. Read her review here.
G.K. Adams

I'm so pleased.  My short-short, “Monster in the Closet,” is up at Orionheadless. This piece is from 2011 and was critiqued on the Fiction List.

Wayne Scheer

I have a flash, “The Return of Jack Monday,” and a microflash, “In Sickness and in Health,” up at Long Story Short.  Jack Monday is a (slightly) fictionalized version of my late father-in-law, a great character.  I hope my story does him justice.

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