Monday, November 4, 2013

IWW Members' Publishing Successes

Behlor Santi

Sleet Magazine just published one of my flashes, I'm Getting My Revolver.

It has a different title in honor of the kids who lost their lives at Sandy Hook ... but you'll like it with whatever name!

Wayne Scheer

I have a very short poem, Unnatural Sounds, up at A Day's Encounter.

I have a funny (?) poem up at A Day's Encounter, A Writer's Ego.

My story, An Orderly Life, has been accepted at
Ken*Again for their Winter issue.

My poem, Sun Glinting Off Chrome, appears in the current issue of Hobble Creek Review, guest edited by the poet Colin Kelley, and revolving on the theme of 'Pop Culture.'

The poem was critiqued on the poetry list, so a big thank you goes out to all the dedicated poets there. Also, a thank you to Scott Wiggerman, who first introduced me to this market.

G. K. Adams

My story, No Bull, is up at Foliate Oak

Joanna M. Weston

A haiku is up at Frostwriting.

Andrea Drew

One of my short stories had been short listed in the “laugh out loud” competition (1000 words) which was my first ever short listing.  Reader's comments on the page are taken into consideration as part of judging so if you have the time and inclination...

Theresa A. Cancro 

My poem, Seething Blue, is up at Napalm and Novocain.  This one was workshopped in the Poetry-W list a while back.  Many thanks to fellow poets who provided valuable feedback.

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