Monday, November 18, 2013

IWW Members' Publishing Successes

Andrea Drew

One of my short stories has been short listed in the ‘Laugh Out Loud’ competition (1000 words) which was my first ever short listing. Reader's comments on the page are taken into consideration as part of judging so if you have the time and inclination...

Mira Desai

My story, Parched, is up at Pure Slush, for their water theme.

Theresa A. Cancro

Three of my short poems are up at A Handful of Stones for November 13th, October 29th and October 18th.  Scroll down to see the earlier ones. 

Pat Brown

I just sold my historical novel, Ashes & Ice to Eternal Press. No release date yet, but probably late next year. This is an historical novel set in New York City in 1888. Two Irish immigrants arrive in America looking for the American dream and end up living in the nightmare world of Five Points.

Mel Jacob (writing as Nell DuVall)

The Three Gifts of Christmas by Nell DuVall is available on Kindle and at Melange Books.

William Bartlett

Because of a web site renovation, my first column never made it to the online archives of KC Parent Magazine. After over four and a half years, I'm pleased to announce that my column from the April, 2009 issue is up at and marks my debut writing for this publication.  It originally appeared in the ‘Word from Dad’ feature and is entitled, “My Son?”

Sarah Corbett Morgan 

My review of Alden Jones’ new memoir is live at The Internet Review of Books.

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