Monday, December 23, 2013

IWW Members' Publishing Successes

Debi O'Neille Schubbe

Thanks to all of you who critiqued my story, “The Perfect Plan.” It has been published by Downstate Story. It's about three or four down from the top. They publish ten stories annually. This is a paying market ($50); and though not enough to buy a car, you can get a really good book or two. The editor, Elaine Hopkins, is great to work with, too. It's not a market to ignore.

Carol Phillips

Two of my haiku are published in Haiku Journal, Issue 22.

Theresa Cancro

My poem, “The Mermaids Won't Tell,” is up at Pyrokinection

In addition, two short poems of mine appears in Three Line Poetry's current issue, Issue #22.
My poem, “Holiday Cut,” has been accepted for inclusion in Kind of Hurricane Press's anthology, “Conversation With A Christmas Bulb.” Thanks to all on the Poetry-W list who critiqued the poem at this time last year and provided valuable feedback.

Julie Harthill Clayton

My Queer Books with Julie: Best LGBTQ Books of 2013 is now live at GayRVA.

Rasmenia Massoud

My story, “Junie the Tree,” is now online in the winter issue of
Rkvry Quarterly - their Art of Recovery issue.

Enormous thanks to everyone in the fiction list who read this one & gave me your thoughts on it.

Sue Ellis

My poem, “Wotford City, North Dakota, 2013,” appears in Mused-Bella Online Literary Review.

Joanna M. Weston

Two poems, “Clipped Wings,”' and “On Point Lookout,” up at Mused-Bella Online Literary Review.

Peter Bernhardt

My article "Translating Novel Affords New Perspective on the Craft of Writing" is up on Mona's site.

Wayne Scheer

My story, “An Orderly Life,” is up at Ken*Again

I have a short poem up at Three Line Poetry.

Judith Kelly Quaempts

A poem, “Once They Were Gods,” appears in Persimmon Tree’s winter issue.

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