Monday, February 24, 2014

IWW Members' Publishing Successes

Wayne Scheer

My comic story, “The Writer Always Gets the Girl,” has been accepted at Ken*Again for their Spring issue.

Peter Bernhardt

You can find my novel, The Stasi File, on the featured Pitch Perfect Picks at Underground Book Reviews.

Judy Howard

At this moment because of my free promotion, my first book, Coast to Coast with a Cat and a Ghost is ranked at 383. The second book, Going Home with a Cat and a Ghost, is ranking 772.

Anita Saran

I got a message from a student of writing at the Rio Salado Community College, Arizona, asking for a link to my article, How to Begin and End a Short Story.  She says her writing teacher recommended it. Now, that's good news.

My free flash fiction writing workshop has landed me with pretty lucrative editing work from Australian clients. I'm “developmentally” editing 20-25 -page manuscripts written to make kids environmentally aware. I'm getting $130 for the second ms I'm editing (25 pages). This is my first time as developmental editor for foreign clients, but I'm getting the hang of it.

Lynne Hinkey

For all you crossword puzzle lovers out there, my review of “The Curious History of Crosswords,” is up at The Internet Review of Books.

I also have a review of “Penelope and the Birthday Curse,” and an interview with author, Ron Voigts, up at the Underground Book Review. 
Theresa A. Cancro

Three of my poems, “Fallen Memory,” “Broken Glass,” and “Despair,” are included in StormCloud Poets Anthology #1, available as an ebook or in print from Lulu

Another poem of mine at Three Line Poetry, Issue #24 (scroll down to the end of the page for the second poem in that issue).

Joanna M. Weston

My poem, inspired by Scott Wiggerman's “Wingbeats,” up at Hobble Creek Review. Click on 'Current issue', scroll down, click and you'll find 'Riverside Road Notebook'. And yes, my friend Scott is in there too.

Sherry Gloag

Happy dancing again because my day started with a book contract for The Magpie Chronicles in my mailbox.

Sue Ellis

Two reviews. One for Mona Vanek's, Behind These Mountains, Volumes 1, 2, &3, which appeared on the front page of the second section of the Sanders County Ledger, Thompson Falls, Montana's award winning weekly newspaper with a hundred-year publishing history. 

And Daniel's Song, an inspiring story about a boy who overcame a serious brain injury and went on to help others with crippling disabilities, is up at The Internet Review of Books.

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