Monday, March 17, 2014

IWW Members' Publishing Successes

Mel Jacob

Just returned two contracts for the remaining two mysteries in my trilogy, Murder in the Shadows. Murder in Her Dreams, sold as a separate late last year and will be released late June. Murder in the Cards, Book 2, is scheduled for November, and Book 3, Murder in Her Mind, is set for November. The publisher is Melange Books.

Theresa A. Cancro

My poem, “Inside Rain,” is at The Rainbow Journal, for their rain-themed issue (Issue 2).  I'm pleased to share space with Joanna Weston.

Joanna M. Weston 

My poem, “The Language of Rain,” is at The Rainbow Journal. Just don't get too wet reading the poetry. And yes, Theresa Cancro is there too:-)

Mona Leeson Vanek

Kristen Inbody, reporter for Great Falls Tribune, a major Montana newspaper, wrote about my Behind These Mountains trilogy. The story is expected to run Sunday, March 23. 

Mira Desai

Delighted to announce acceptances and publication of three essays I've been working on for quite some time:

1. “Remembering Awe,” is on Pure Slush; an essay about walking with my father to an early 1st century Buddhist monastery and why I must not let this memory go. 

2. “Charcoal and glitter,” a tribute to a widowed aunt who blazed a trail in her own quiet way, will be published in an anthology releasing on Mar 19, Aspiring to Inspire (Durham Publishing). 

3. And a short essay features in the book , “How writing can get you through tough times, no experience necessary" (Balboa Press).

Guilie Castillo

My August installment of the 2014, “A Year in Stories,” project has been accepted for publication. Each story in the series is getting reviewed at one of the other author's blog, and the three of mine up there so far have received good feedback. Here are the links:

Additionally, five of the year's volumes are now out.

Beth Camp

My interview is featured on Deborah McKnight's Self-Published Sunday blog.

Standing Stones is historical fiction set in Scotland during the time of the Clearances (mid-19th Century). You all know what a long haul it is to find an agent, get that contract, and finally see your book in print. As a much older-than-average writer, I decided to jump out there to find my readers and learn self-publishing.

Paul Pekin

My story, “Money,” is now on line at The Boiler.

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