Monday, August 4, 2014

IWW Members' Publishing Successes

Wayne Scheer

I have a bit of silliness up at Clever Magazine: The Secret Life of a Turtle. Thanks to the editor of Clever Magazine, who read this, thought of rejecting it, reread it, laughed and decided to publish it.

Judith Welpman (writing as Christina Cole)

I just received a new contract from Secret Cravings Publishing extending my Sunset series of western historical romances to 6 books. I am currently working on the third story of the series. Both of the previous books in the series have been on the publisher's bestseller list. I hope readers continue to enjoy the series.

Theresa A. Cancro

I'm very pleased that a haiku of mine appears in Issue #50 of Haiku Presence, a British print journal of haiku and related poetry.

A short poem of mine is up at Three Line Poetry, Issue #26.

Finally, I recently received word that two of my poems will appear in the print publication, Stormcloud, Poets Anthology #2.

Guilie Castillo-Oriard

So far six articles I’ve written for the local paper have been published and I have enough assignments to keep me off the streets for the next month--and, since it's a paying gig, I'm proud to say I can now afford to take my long-suffering boyfriend out for dinner once in a while :) Not all the articles are available online, but a few are:

Ira & Ayra: Twin Sparks of Inspiration (photo is also mine)

Earlier this month:

Laurien Angelista: "When Things Come From the Heart, Magic Happens"

Juan Carlos Padrino: The Couture of the Extraordinary (photo is also mine)

William Bartlett

My August column is up at in the Word from Dad feature. This month, it's entitled How Was School Today? and it's also available in print in KC Parent magazine.

Sarah Corbett Morgan

My review of The Word Exchange: A Novel by Alena Graedon is live over at The Internet Review of Books.

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