Monday, September 15, 2014

IWW Members' Publishing Successes

Internet Writing Workshop members continue to find publishing success in all venues. Congratulations to this week's crew!



William Bartlett

My September column is up at in the Word from Dad feature. This month, it's entitled 'Please and Thank You' and it's also available in print in KC Parent magazine.

Behlor Santi

My story "What NOT To Tell Your Lover," is up at Eunoia Review. I believe that it was workshopped on FICTION. Enjoy, but it's NSFW.

My flash "Tree Branches" is up at A New Ulster (see pages 52-54). Thanks to everybody on FICTION who helped me make this publication possible.

Theresa A. Cancro

1) One haiku appears in A Hundred Gourds, Issue 3:4 (September 2014).

2) Two of my poems --"Sugarscape" and "Meditation for St. Genevieve" -- are up at Leaves of Ink for September 8th and September 13th.

Bob Sanchez

My review of Dear Leader is up at Internet Review of Books.

A fascinating look at North Korea.

Warren Richardson

For many of you who critiqued this work, my first novel, Dancing on a Tightrope, is now live on Amazon and other platforms. Thanks to everyone in the workshop who had a hand in improving the product.

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